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Weekly Journal for the week of October 31

Weekly Journal for the week of October 31

I am old enough to have lived through the madness, the sheer insanity and brutal dishonesty of the war criminals Nixon and Kissinger. To have been a part of the Vietnam debacle by being drafted and being a Conscientious Objector and becoming a healer instead of a killer.

I saw and suffered from the state using its might to pass criminal laws, locking up its citizens and demanding that we troop off with guns over shoulders chanting “Zeig Heil” like any good Nazi killer.

I have now lived through decades of seeing and living political beliefs that right is might, that enemies must be crushed, that we deserve to have it all as we rape and plunder the poor countries of the world.

I missed Gandhi but saw Martin Luther king live the black version of non-violence as the path of sanity and humanity to create peace and justice and I sang the hymns of John Lennon asking us to give peace a chance so that war could be over.

And now, 29 years – a Saturn Return – after Vietnam the circle has turned and we are in the same place, to my horror and disbelief.

When I was in my early 20’s I would never have believed that we could learn so little in 30 years. I now have to struggle with the fact that as a society we have not. If anything we have slid backwards into even more primitive behavior.

So how can I reconcile that? With difficulty. With great difficulty. I have to engage my disillusionment, my despair at the insanity and inhumanity of “human beings” to each other when in fact they more appear as two legged animals with all the cunning of a stalking lion killing prey.

I am not inspired by our leaders. I feel like I know how the good Germans must have felt, how the caring Russians must have felt. I feel kinship with what drove Gandhi, King and Mandela and so many others.

I look at my own society, in America, Australia and England and I grieve for what can be and despair over what is.

Yet I also see that these are terrible global tests of life and death on a grand scale to reflect the terrible lessons and challenges we must sometimes face in our own lives.

The first thing we must do is to take responsibility that we had a part in what happened. It is not like America was innocent. Denial maybe, but even senior CIA agents have publicly stated that in the past 50 years America has been the greatest terrorist in the world, and it has.

Oppressed people, be they the citizens of India, the blacks of America, or the Arabs of the Middle East, eventually break or fight. The American settlers did the same with the English. It is the nature of being human to fight for freedom and self-determination. The great Lie of Bush is that “freedom is on the march” by inflicting war on other people. Arab terrorists do not hate our freedom, they demand their freedom back from us. They demand that they get to run their own affairs and not live under unimaginably rich and corrupt leaders who have been put in place by America, armed by America and ruled by America.

America has become the Rome of the 21st Century, demanding fealty from all others.

Bush told the world “you are either with us, or you are the enemy. What he really meant was agree with us or we crush you. He even demanded that the UN do it his way and when it would not buckle set out, with the help of the Bush Propaganda arm of FOX “News” created a barrage of scandal and criticism against the UN as punishment.

America has also become the New Crusaders of the 11th Century who then were Catholic warriors destroying the “Saracens” (read Moslems) only this time the Crusade is run by fanatical Christian religious zealots of a different stripe.

This is madness.

And folks, it is all brought to you so you can keep driving your cars at prices discounted by Saudi Arabia because we arm them and keep them in opulent power.

This war is brought to you so you, as 5% of the world’s population can keep spewing out 25% of the world’s pollution.

This war, this oppression, this terrorism that our State does on your behalf, with a wink and a nod, is to maintain our decadent wasteful lifestyles while 33,000 children die every day from agonizing starvation.

America has reached the pinnacle of its schizophrenia with exactly two halves in deadly opposition to each other, a truly split personality.

This is just the warm-up. I pity whoever wins this election because things are not getting better soon, and if Bush wins you can bet we will have at least one more “war on terror” (probably against Iran) and I will bet the draft of our young men is upon us within months of a Bush win.

The fact is that we have already well and truly lost the war on terror. Bin Laden has done more to change the fabric of America than anyone in history because he won, America is now making all of its decisions based on terror.

That as I see it is the core difference between Bush and Kerry. Bush is in terror and its guns drawn at the OK corral…. his only response available.

Kerry however knows that what is happening is terrible but is not terrorized by it and knows there are many and varied ways to end this, including becoming energy sufficient and creating a much more balanced and just world out there.

I face my despair by not buying into terror. It is ridiculous and a lie. The chances of being killed by a gun in America are much higher than being killed by a terrorist. That is the true weapon of Bin Laden and Co. It is people’s fear – and terror – of dying. That weapon can only be as great as our denial and fear of death, and denial and fear of death is a true mark of a degenerate society. Healthy societies do not deny or fear death but embrace it as a mystery in the mystery of life.

We defeat terrorism by facing the fact that we will definitely die, Bin Laden or no Bin Laden.

It is time for us to stop acting like scared running cowards in the face of Life and confront the reality of life and death and in doing so rebalance our priorities in life to enrich our lives with love, beauty and compassion instead of fear and hatred.

The whole War on Terror is a massive con job by a bunch of inadequate uneducated cowards who can only resort to the gun as a defense because they are so small and limited that they have no other answers.

Hail Caesar.


© 2004 Tomas Gregory


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