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Weekly Journal for the week of October 24

Weekly Journal for the week of October 24

This is my second last Journal before the most important American election in my lifetime.

There are SO many issues to address about this current administration, its mistakes, motives and actions, but there are two I will address here now.

First: 42% of Americans believe that Saddam was not just connected with Al Queda but that he CAUSED the terrorist attacks on 9/11 !

Bear in mind that the President’s own inquiry concluded that AQ tried to approach Saddam and he had nothing to do with them. He had NOTHING to do with 9/11 at all. This lie has been promulgated by the Bush clique to justify their invasion of Iraq after there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction found.

Even Defense Secretary Donald Duck…. er … Rumsfeld stated that he had seen “no good or hard evidence” that Saddam was involved with AQ. Hours later his spokesman announced that ” his comments had been misunderstood”. Oh dear. I watched his speech and there was NO wriggle room for misunderstanding, it was a clear statement.

It is typical of the continued lies and distortions, and maybe delusions, of this administration.

Second: it transpires that the Patriot Act passed and approved, allows for:

1) The FBI to write its own search warrants with no judicial oversight.

2) That if YOU get such a search warrant you can tell no one at all…. EVEN YOUR LAWYER!

3) That the FBI, having written their own search warrant, can then break into and search your home AND make it look like a burglary AND never tell you what happened!

4) That librarians can be forced to tell the authorities what books you are reading and cannot tell you, or anyone else, that she did, by penalty of the law!

Thankfully all of this has just been struck down in the courts because it breaks the 1st, 4th and 6th amendments.

Consider… the Bush administration under Obenfuhrer Ashcroft has had a law passed by the Republican Congress and Senate that wreaks YOUR constitution in at least 3 ways and totally undermines your civil and legal rights AND created a self-ruling American Gestapo.


* A 30-nation poll showed that voters were in favor of John Kerry 2 to 1 over Dubya.

* Canada is considering passing a law that allows American military opposed to the war to go there as political refugees. BBC reports that thousands are likely to go immediately the law is approved.

* Kofi Anan, the head of the UN has officially said the war in Iraq is illegal.

The Mass Debates……

There is SO much I could say about them…. one comment… Bush stated that America has the best health system in the world and that countries with “government run” health get poor quality health care.

Look, it is stuff like this that makes me want to crawl thru the TV screen and slap him.

England, Canada and Australia have national health schemes where full health coverage is assured to all and is paid for by a tax levy. You can still choose your insurer and doctor.

I can tell you I have been in hospital for surgery in America and Australia and toured hospitals in England and studied the system in Canada and the level of health care in these countries for the average person is about 500% higher than America. At least.

As many of my readers know I had a MILLION dollars worth of surgery and hospital care last year in Australia and it cost me not one red cent. Can you imagine?

Point being that Bush is either in denial, totally ignorant of the facts or just plain lying. None of those options is encouraging nor give me faith in him as the “leader of the free world”. Ho, ho, yeah right.

THAT is what this government does. It is truly terrifying. They are terror-ists.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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