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Weekly Journal for the week of October 10

Weekly Journal for the week of October 10

Part of a letter to a friend who has been having a hard time…

“It is always easy to look back and say, “I should have done that”… like sell the apartment and move to Sydney and there is a saying that hindsight is always 20/20… i.e. it is easy to see the path BEHIND you!

But for me there are always 2 questions…

1. How do I KNOW that other choices would have been better?

2. How do I know that even though painful, this was not my BEST choice, for whatever reasons, lessons, tests etc.

Let’s say you had left New Zealand and moved to Sydney, and let’s say it turned out to be a really easy time instead of the hard time and struggle you have had in Auckland, how do you KNOW that the easier time would have been BETTER for you, for your soul, your journey?

Just maybe you needed to have these challenges to test you and to strengthen you. You faced them and are now stronger, for sure. You have more trust and faith in your own abilities. And in the process you left a safe job and have worked for yourself and started a business – THAT is BIG!

The fact is that we make the best choices we can at any moment and those choices will often be limited by fear, ignorance, conditioning and beliefs, whatever.

Then further down the line we look back and see things more clearly because we have LEARNED MORE!!

And learning more means we make clearer and even better, more informed choices next time, so we are always (ideally) growing and improving.

The key is to keep growing and taking new risks to have our visions, and that means we WILL make mistakes and then we will learn from them and then we will grow ourselves, our knowledge, wisdom and aliveness.

That IS the journey as far as I can tell!

So chill, you are doing fine, you have food and a good place to live, work, prospects and dreams!

Relax. And Breathe.”

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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