Weekly Journal for the week of November 28 | AspenTimes.com

Weekly Journal for the week of November 28

Weekly Journal for the week of November 28

A letter from a friend, and post-election thoughts from me….

Hi Tomas,

Well, as you know by now, Bush won, although NOT by a landslide. Thank God almost 1/2 of us voters still have our wits about us. You cannot imagine the true grieving among us over Kerry’s loss, although I am quietly glad that the man did not have to jump into the awful mess created by Dubya. It would have been a horror for him to try to get things back on the track, and he would have been blamed all the way for not making it work. My one consolation is that my state of Pennsylvania went for Kerry.

So…my very words to my friend, right after the election, are noted in your journal. I stated to her that we had re-entered the vale of restriction and witch-hunts, and that I could just hear McCarthy laughing from his grave.

I am so sick that 51% of my voting countrymen didn’t see the larger picture. They voted on the “moral values” of abortion and gay marriage. What about the freaking moral issues of an illegal war, dead soldiers, dead innocent civilians, a raped environment and a no-freaking-bid contract to Halliburton (aka, Dick Cheney)??!!

I shudder to think of what the next four years will bring. I hope that the dissenting voices will remain loud and clear for all four years so that a solid foothold by the radical right will not be gained. In the meantime, I will just shed my tears until my grief subsides, and I will pray to whoever is out there that we are not yet looking at the beginning of the end.

In hope of Peace,


© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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