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Weekly Journal for the week of May 8

Weekly Journal for the week of May 8

Over the past few weeks I have been reading some amazing books on the current state of the union, and the more I read the sadder I become, and the more concerned and frankly, very worried I become.

The latest book is “Exception to the Rulers” by Amy Goodman, a highly knowledgeable journalist and host of radio show “Democracy Now!” As much as I know about the parlous state of the world and this country, America, she opened my eyes even more to the abuses currently occurring under the Bush Administration.

I recently commented to a very astute politician friend recently “These guys make Nixon look like an amateur!” and his response was:” Well they have had thirty years to practice since then.”

As in the days of Nixon when the Republic was twisted out of shape so badly as to become almost unrecognizable, so now it is in dire straights for many complex and interconnected reasons, all orchestrated by the religious right nutters. Buy this book. Read it and pass it on to others. The media is bought and sold and alternate media – and that includes communications through word of mouth, blogs etc. is needed to spread awareness of the underlying realities of what is happening. Thirty years ago John Dean told President Richard Nixon that there was “a cancer in the Presidency” and today I suggest that there is a growing cancer in the whole country, society, social fabric and in the very bones of what we believe to be a modern democracy. Not just here in America but increasingly in countries like Britain and Australia and others, where the governments are bring run by one-eyed fanatics who are daily undercutting basic civil liberties and legal rights, who are trashing the idea of open and honest media by letting their corporate cronies – the ones who own the means of war and make untold fortunes from waging it, buy the media so that it becomes the public relations arm of the government and the war mongers.

These self same corporations buy our politicians and the election process, controlling the information you receive to support their corporate needs which have created the agendas that they then provide biased and often totally untrue information about. We have a self-serving cycle controlled by a few who have no interest in the individual, or the individual rights, nor of the individual having a well informed part to play in the political process and direction of the company.

More and more they are setting the agenda, direction and policies – as well as laws – of America and the Bush Administration is their enforcement wing, tearing up your rights with the Patriot Act, demolishing media rules and regulations for the financial benefit and control of a few media moguls, instead of for the benefit of the people, the citizens and voters of the country.

In many, many ways we are witnessing the takeover of this country by corporations and religion marching us into war, fear, powerlessness and distraction with no regard for your safety and protection under the Constitution. The Patriot Act has seen to that. EVEN AS an American citizen you can be picked up for suspicion of supporting terrorism and carted off to a secret call without any right to a lawyer for 80 days and then maybe you’ll get one. And worse.

Read the book and if you are not as shocked and horrified by what is happening then I will be even more shocked! Sure you are busy. Sure it feels overwhelming. But the simple fact is that democracy is not assured – we have to fight for it, stand up and demand our freedom to speak, to live and to choose in freedom and the right to our own pursuit of happiness to live our way, but what is happening is that more and more laws are being made that force us to live THEIR way, by their beliefs, their so-called morals and precepts. They are more and more dictating to you what you can and cannot say, do, think or believe and if you disagree with them you will be punished and persecuted because – didn’t you know? They are right and they know they are right and so if you disagree you are obviously wrong and have to be removed, repressed or eradicated.

THAT is not where we are heading folks, that is pretty much where we are!

No wonder these guys ban the teaching of evolution – they stopped evolving sometime around the Dark Ages or at best Medieval times. They make the Amish look incredibly modern and progressive! They ban evolution because they hate change. They want to keep everything under control, including you, and freedom, and the vote itself. I have studied Nazi Germany, its formation, growth, genesis and development in great depth. Not just the bang-bang war part of it, nor only the holocaust in all of its horror, but the psychology of the people, how it happened, what provoked and birthed it and let me tell you we are on that track. Media is now propaganda where we are constantly told that we are surrounded by enemies and in great danger so we have to attack and lash out at all of them. Liberties are restricted for our own safety and protection… it goes on and on and the bottom line is the same too – a grab for power and control, telling us that we need them, that they will protect us, that they know what to do that is best for us if only we give them the power to do so and suddenly we are finding that they sure have taken a lot of power and if we want the free life we all aspire to then that can only happen if we are FREE – free to make our own choices, free to create our own unique life and free to use our personal power in our own way – not all being pushed down the same drain together as a mindless mass.

Read the book. Take the time. Make the time. Share it, and challenge others to do the same thing.

While we can.


© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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