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Weekly Journal for the week of May 23

Weekly Journal for the week of May 23

I watched a great BBC documentary on Nelson Mandela and his life. Thrown into prison for life in his 20’s he remained incarcerated there for 27 years and emerged to become the President of his country (South Africa) and one of the most loved and respected humans


It had Bill Clinton, who said – while standing next to and pointing to Mandela – “this man, every time he calls me on the phone and starts with “My President” I know I am going to be doing something for him whether I want to or not.” Wow. Clinton has joined Mandela in his drive to eradicate AIDS from all of Africa.

Mandela was asked about his decision to become a gun toting bomb blasting revolutionary and he made the point that he was never a terrorist… that terrorists make innocent civilians targets for their cause, where he and the ANC (African National Congress) ONLY ever

targeted and hurt the State apparatus, blowing up power lines, trains etc. Interesting distinction..

He also said that there is no greater service to humanity than freeing a community from oppression. He clearly succeeded in that, with his own country, but when I apply that statement to Bush in Iraq in his

quest to “free” the oppressed people of Iraq, I must ask “is it worth killing 10,000 innocent civilians to do it…” … oops… that is Mandela”s definition of being a terrorist!

Which is why Mandela totally and roundly condemned American intervention in its war on Iraq… not something that got a lot of media time in America – no surprise there.

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