Weekly Journal for the week of May 2 | AspenTimes.com

Weekly Journal for the week of May 2

Weekly Journal for the week of May 2

“I can feel her pain.”

What crap. Sorry but it is. You might feel FOR someone in pain. You might feel YOUR pain about her situation, but you CAN NOT feel HER pain. What incredible idiocy.

It is one of THE great American lies – one of many I might add. YOU cannot feel the pain of another person…. that is THEIR priveledge, to feel their OWN pain!!!!

What amazes me is how much people BLOCK their compassion for those less well off than we, yet we say we “feel their pain”. Oh, really. Have you felt hunger? Cold? Have you ever slept on a bench? No? THEN SHUT UP!!!!!

Then get real, and listen, and learn.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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