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Weekly Journal for the week of May 16

Ah, war in all of its madness is something else again isn’t it?

It occurred to me that war comes from a simple place in us that just does not believe in love and peace. If we REALLY did then we would find ways to create love and peace, but what we actually and mostly do is find ways to make more war.

It is truly so stupid and shows us the proof of my friend Curtis’s statement that the “reason we have not found the missing link is that we are it.” lolol

Secondly, we create war because we ignore culture, history and physics. No war ever ended war. Newton’s Law applies that any force will be met by an equal and opposite force and we see that today in Iraq.

What were they thinking in Washington? Had they NOT ever heard of Vietnam? Did they really, really believe their own hype that the Iraqis, all of them, would love the arrival of an invading military killing

force? Can they be that stupid and it would seem that the answer is yes, which makes us how stupid for putting them in power. And now they are hinting at having a military draft to force boys to be cannon

fodder just like in vietnam. wow… things will really get crazy in America then!!

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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