Weekly Journal for the week of May 15 | AspenTimes.com

Weekly Journal for the week of May 15

Weekly Journal for the week of May 15

I feel bombarded by politically scary stuff right now – it’s coming at me from many directions including many books I have been reading lately.

The religious right is so powerfully dominating the political/power agenda, and changing laws at a rapid pace to institute that agenda into the legal, economic and social fabric of America that I find it truly scary for the simple reason that this agenda:

1. Is strangling the real news and information flow to everyday citizens through allowing more and more media mergers so that today almost all mainstream media is owned by six companies.

2. Those same companies are in turn owned by mega-corporations which also contribute enormous sums of money to the political process through contributions to political parties and people, and by paying for vast numbers of industry lobbyists – all of which pretty well makes sure that the laws that are made favor them, their profits and their shareholders. It is not at all in their interest to give the masses the real news and the real stories, but it is in their interest to feed more and more mindless mind-numbing irrelevant and biased information that has degenerated in many, many cases to pure propaganda.

3. Those same companies own munitions and military supply companies and so they make a lot of money, billions in fact, from the ongoing escalation of war, and as anyone who has read “1984” knows, Big Brother kept in power and kept the masses subdued and controllable by being constantly at war with an enemy.

4. Permeating through all of this is the publicly stated purpose of the republican religious right to turn America into a theocratic Christian country… i.e. ruled by the religious ministers who are hard line enough to get a seat at the Big Table. In other words the people who put the current administration into power plan to stay in power and turn the country into the Christian Taliban, ruled by Pope Bush or any other suitable figurehead mask of democracy in elections bought and sold by the corporations.

5. At the same time on another front the civil liberties and constitutional rights of American citizens are being shredded by the Patriot Act, the most perfect example of Orwellian “doublespeak” I have ever heard, saying exactly the opposite of what it really is.

6. Meanwhile there is a flood of legislation to rewrite the rules books to more and more favor the rich over the middle and poor classes of society, thus putting more and more tension and pressure and distraction upon the increasingly oppressed, threatened and frightened masses. This includes that a law has been passed that if you declare bankruptcy – for any reason – even if you have cancer, or have lost your job and home – you still have to repay all of your credit card debt. Oh, except for farmers, anti-abortion protesters (!!) and a few other protected categories, according to Newsweek Magazine.

The list of such egregious behaviors goes on and on through a sea of money and blood from here to Iraq pouring our national treasure into the pockets of a few with power and voice.

Now they are calling for reform in the nationwide judiciary, to get rid of all those nasty, evil “liberal” judges who are “out of control” with decisions to uphold freedom and a few other unnecessary and inconvenient principles.

So what is to be done? This. Inform yourself then inform others. Find out what is really going on and let others know. Speak out. It is a time for courage and for us all to fight for our freedom, for the real brand of democracy established by the Founding Fathers who hated and feared government but saw it as a necessary evil and so put checks and balances in place to ensure no-one got too powerful over each citizen who collectively had to hold the power “of the people, and for the people”. Not the rich people, but all people.

The question you must ask yourself is: Do I care enough to get off my butt and get involved and make sure that America stays free inside itself for us all?

All you have to do is say Yes, and then start talking about it with friends, co-workers, family and neighbors… get the dialogue happening across the country because THAT is democracy at work, and if we are working hard at it then it will work, again.

– Tomas

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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