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Weekly Journal for the week of March 6

Weekly Journal for the week of March 6L,Arent computers, e-mail etc. Trippy. I mean, I am sitting here, in Aspen, Colorado, its snowing and I write to you in sunny Sydney Australia and mere minutes later I have your letter back… wowee Batman!!Oh god, you might be coming to Aspen for the Food & Wine Festival in the summer?? THAT would be just too much fun. I tell you, the Festival is such a trip! Aspen is a trip then too…. stuff like The Julliard (Music) School’s senior class decamps en masse to Aspen where it is given free accommodation and the students play free orchestral concerts under the great tent – which seats about 1,000 people- all through the summer…. DAILY!!!And then the students busk on the streets as well! In groups of one, two, up to ten at a time playing all genres of music… it is magic! You’re walking down the street in Aspen and at one corner are three kids playing ragtime and as you walk to the other end of the block you hear 5 of them playing Mozart!COME!!! LOLOLOLAs to your new guy friend … and having to go slow… it occurred to me for the hundredth time that you and I are both Libras AND Gemini Moons so our “life cycles” are going to be pretty connected in many ways.I am clear, after 5 years and 5 months of near celibacy where I have had had on average three consecutive nights of sex per year for that whole time, and where I was healing a broken, mashed, mutilated, fried, smoked and cured heart, that slow is the go.We both are total Love Sluts, let’s admit it! We walk this Earth with huge giant hearts full of love and caring and compassion and lots of other pretty rare goodies just looking… wanting and sometimes hungering for someone to show up to receive it all and return their version so we can share and swim in this idyllic place of soulmate love.And we see glimpses in other people and all full of hope we rush in and download our gifts and then what…. you and I both know the sad and painful answer to that one!So I am clear that my path, impatient as I am to have lovely and loving relationships again, is to proceed with care. Buyer beware!!I now have a whole slew of walls, gates, fences, tests and more for others to pass, show up, climb over for me to start opening up and I have learned pretty well to do it one step at a time. I give, they give, and I open more and give and share more. They don’t, I stop.I have opportunities everywhere here if I go looking and even when I don’t there is a regular stream of lovely women passing by and so far none has had all that I require to motivate me to bother, really. And I stay totally open, and I keep looking, and I put out to the Universe that I am ready, willing and able and that I will not sell out. For me, any relationship now, be it open, casual, live-in, relaxed, friends with benefits or deep soulmate… all of them and any of them can only be with women who see me, get me, value me, love and appreciate and respect and enjoy me, who are ripe and ready to be real, playful, game and bs free, who are as weird and wild and kinky as I am, who must also have created some personal level of success and learning in the world and who are ready to have real human interaction… deep, intense, serious, playful, silly but above all honest and real, taking full responsibility for themselves and their choices as wonderful powerful women who know who they are and what they want and who want to go deeper, higher and bigger in all ways.Truth is that is pretty much my level for ANYONE being in my life in any way that is personal, as friends. I love it. I have a number of friends around the world and here in America who, like you, fit those criteria. Now I seek one or more women who can and want to take that to the next level with me!! :-)Wow… what a rave that turned out to be…. and the point is, I am in no rush to find that. I believe totally that I will and I see regular evidence that I am getting much closer to creating that, because the level and quality of women showing up in my life is just getting better and better so that as I write I am meeting with two women through the week who have really got my attention and I theirs, so we will have coffee and explore what is possible at more length and see… could be really good… or not! Slowly.So sweety, I gotta go for now, lovely unloading with you, I feel your presence very strongly right now!Love and hugs,Tomas 2005 Tomas GregoryVisit tomasgregory.com for personal Daily Astrology and lots of other great stuff!

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