Weekly Journal for the week of June 6 | AspenTimes.com

Weekly Journal for the week of June 6

Weekly Journal for the week of June 6

I have been resisting comment on the recent events in Iraq with the so-called “prisoner abuse scandal” and the general conduct and direction of the war and Foreign Policy around the war. My reason is simple… I get so upset to see it all unfold as I predicted a year ago. I get so upset to see the utter ignorance and stupidity of the people making the decisions… ignorance of history and ignorance of the Newtonian Laws of Physics, and the laws of karma and mataphysics.

I get so angry to see Vietnam unfolding again in duplicate, only this time around the film is running through much faster. I get saddened to yet again see that America, or its ruling Elite, has learned nothing except the same old same olf of crush and destroy.

Well, here I go…

The Vatican released a world-wide statement that the scandal hurts America more than 9-11. Wow. That is a rather powerful statement because it is so true.

We have also been bombarded with so many American officials spouting the predictable apologies and repeatedly trying to get us to buy into the idea that these events have nothing to do with real Americans, that the actions of a few are the aberations of those few bad eggs and that this in NO WAY reflects on the rest of the dedicated soldiers who are regular good caring god-fearing Americans.

It sounds good. It sounds believable. It is pure bs.

The events in that prison are a microcosm of American foreign policy in Iraq and the world. It accurately reflects the arrogance and superiority of the Bush Administration in its decision to go into Iraq where Bush basically told the rest of the world and the United Nations “Get stuffed, we are in control, we are THE power, and we will do what we like and if you disagree then YOU are the enemy from now on and we WILL get you.”

Yet even this is in no way peculiar to Bush and his gang. This is merely a continuation of historical cultural beliefs and practices of official America going back to the treatment of the original Americans, or Native Americans, where the white newcomers broke EVERY treaty they ever signed and in doing so made sure they screwed the Natives into near extinction for their own economic and political gain and benefit.

In more recent history we see endless examples of hypocricy and brutality from the importation of Nazi scientists to American benefit to the endemic brutality towards, and torture of Vietnamese in that other recent illegal outrage called righteous war.

And of course let us not forget that the abuses in that Iraqi prison merely reflect everyday life in prison in America for two and a half million American citizens who are routinely beaten, raped and abused in a myriad ways in Medieval dungeons from Hell and YOU most likely do not give that a second thought, nor a damn as you get your Starbucks on the way to work while you whine about the price of gas.

This is NOT an aberation. This IS the underside of America – the Dark Side – the unmasked truth – which will always eventually surface. Get over it and learn to live with it because it is clear that Bush, the Government, official America, the media and most of everyday America would much rather remain in delicious ignorance born of well practiced denial so that history will just repeat itself over and over again and again and we can go to sleep happy that we are the good guys.

To create any real change will require that many people take the step of seeing that darkness in themselves and choosing to make new choices, and find new paths. Right now we are getting what we resist and getting what we deserve.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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