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Weekly Journal for the week of June 13

Weekly Journal for the week of June 13

Cringing dog that Australia so often is to America in matters of war and foreign policy every now and then it extends its capacity for mindlessness into other realms. One such is that recently Manly Council, a Sydney beach suburb has followed LA to become the second beach in the world to stop smoking and the NicoNazis are glowing with glee with their latest triumph of social control.

Immediately a whole raft of other Sydney beachside councils followed suit and banned smoking from their sacred silica too. All on the grounds (or the sands) that cigarette butts were littering beaches in unacceptable numbers. Never mind the litter from food wrappers, drink cans, endless tubs of ugly flab visual pollution and god knows what else, these remain legal and acceptable apparently, and never consider of course the possibility of providing public ashtrays to deposit said offending butts.

So now the problem with cigarettes is not health – that issue has been beaten to death – but instead the horror of LITTER. This is of course just the beginning of a whole new round of campaigns to erase smoking from the public eye as has been done in several psychotic cities like Hayward California, and speaking as one who has driven the streets of Hayward I would suggest that any human, let alone any smoker, would do well to sell and leave Hayward anyway, for any reason, as soon as possible. The sheer blandness of that place is matched by a mentality that has banned all public smoking, even from the back yard of the home that a smoker may own and live in.

It is truly astonishing to me that very, very few voices are ever raised against this madness.

OK, let’s be clear here. I was a smoker for many years and stopped over two years ago and will never again smoke a cig. I also drive an SUV that probably pollutes the air more in a day than I did as a smoker in a year, but we won’t object – oh no we will not – to gasoline gases and second hand smoke, because, well, the NicoNazis all drive cars so who is left to complain about them??

And yes there is a much higher chance, statistically of getting lung cancer if you smoke we are constantly told by the NN’s and a variety of medicos and scientists except that you can equally validly read those same stats to say that people who are more likely to get Lung Cancer are more likely to smoke and the man who created Macrobiotics says exactly that…. that nicotine is THE strongest Yang herb and thus the best treatment for cancer or for those prone to it because Cancer is THE most Yin disease. Fancy that.

But the real issue for me is not about any of that really. It is about Nazism. Whether its Feminazis or NicoNazis or good old fashioned Hitler Nazis it is the same simple process and principle… it is one group of people banding together saying WE are Right and They are Wrong and then setting out to kill or convert the Wrong people to the path of Right.

Nazis are never, ever, tolerant of the wrong people.

And Nazis are really easy to pick as a result. They never, ever look for solutions, based on tolerance, so that everyone gets their own personal choice fulfilled. So instead of having three categories of restaurant (or airplane, or office, or beach, or…) which are: Non-Smoking, Mixed, and Smoking the one and only acceptable result ever is Our Right Way… No Smoking. Never mind that the restaurant might be owned by smokers who have smoking customers. Never mind that we can be tolerant enough to create nude beaches and gay marriages, there is no room for tolerance when it comes to truly Wrong (read Evil) behaviors like smoking.

True freedom and Democracy can be measured by the number of choices available to the people in a given society. As soon as personal choices are removed we can safely say that the society has taken a step back from freedom to nazism, to control, to central control by The State of what you do and do not do.

THIS is the real battle for freedom and against tyranny. THIS is the true challenge of all of us as freedom loving people – to fight for choices and rights we do NOT agree with. To stand up to those who will ban alcohol in the 1920s and attack Communists in the 1950’s and Gays and Abortionists and Slavers and all the rest of the low-life who are dedicated to telling you and I how we can, and MUST live our lives. It is the basic struggle between the State and the Citizen that has been fought since Jefferson and his pals said “Enough”. Because again, the nazis of every shape do not set out to inform and educate but to control by having laws passed, by invoking the Power and Control of The State upon you, the citizen.

I say No. No to those little control freaks. No to those small minded and smaller hearted cretins who fear everything and nothing less than other people doing whatever they want. No. No to the little Hitlers hiding behind statistics and righteousness and religion and medicine and government and whatever else they use as tools to hide the raw fact that they want the world to conform to their vision based on their fears and prejudices become laws. No. No, no, no.

I envision a world based on belief in my fellow man and woman. A world where we are allowed and encouraged to make our own unique choices, to learn from mistakes, to grow from experiences into self reliant and self responsible human being enjoying our own unique and individual life.

That is the “war” I am fighting. The real end to terrorists is to remove those who will terrorize us in our own backyard, our own life and our own personal choices.

Just say No to them. Say Yes to choices and freedom.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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