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Weekly Journal for the week of July 11

How America Earns Hatred

My Weekly Journal this week has one purpose which is to make it abundantly clear for all and sundry how and why America manages to offend and alienate its closest allies and friends, over and over and over.

I have always been one of those allies and friends. I have often publicly in talks and media interviews stated that I thought that the American Declaration of Independence and The American Constitution were two of the greatest documents in history.

I have also pointed out that it is only your close friends who will also lovingly point out your faults, so they become mirrors so that we can learn, grow and improve.

It has thus always been in that fashion that I have often criticized many aspects of America and American life while also praising and promoting the many positive aspects of America and Americans.

One of the great problems of America is that it believes its own PR. It believes its own myths and delusions and beliefs about itself despite evidence to the contrary and one of these is that it is a good friend to its good friends.

No it is not. America does not have a clue what being a good friend is. America, and most recently President Bush the Younger has made it very clear that America views its friends as those who agree with it and those who disagree are enemies, or terrorists or supporters of terror. In other words if you did not support his invasion of Iraq, based on the totally false premise that it was part of the War on Terror, then you were (a) anti-American and therefore not a friend and therefore would be punished in some way in the future and (b) were immediately suspect as a supporter of terror, specifically terror against America.

As I have often pointed out in previous writings, this is the basis of the classic paranoia personality and that is how America functions in the world.

Needless to say this has its effect on other countries and the citizens of other countries.

When America sees criticism and comment of its policies by other friendly countries as betrayal and abandonment, due to this filter of paranoia, it then lashes out and betrays its so-called friends as a punitive retaliation. It actually does what it accuses other of doing.

The people of those attacked countries, currently including Russia, France, and Spain are stung and hurt by this. Their attitude is that they too are democracies and they too have their right to choose their leaders and policies and the right to sometimes agree and sometimes disagree with America on policy and procedure to implement those policies.

This is particularly important to see with terrorism and the war on terror. Different countries have different ways of dealing with things. It is due to having different histories and beliefs and approaches that go to make up those different cultures.

None of that is respected by America. It is brash and brutal and says “Our way or the highway”. We are right and correct and let’s face it, best. We rule the world and we demand obedience and obeisance.

That in turn makes other peoples even more offended. Their response is “Wait a moment. You Americans claim to be going to war to promote and increase freedom and democracy and yet you are trying to diminish our freedom and democracy by forcing us to do your bidding.”

America responds in turn to this with more paranoia, seeing itself to be Right and so others must be Wrong, and so produces all sorts of increasingly critical attacks and blame on the other countries, making them Wrong, which they are, of course, aren’t they!

My most recent example of this process is happening now in and with Australia.

Australia, the country of my birth, has been a “good friend” of America since World War II when many American soldiers came to Oz to help fight the Japanese in the Pacific and Asia, and ostensibly to help protect Australia from invasion.

Australia sent troops to Vietnam in great numbers to prove that it was a good friend of America. It was at least an unquestioning friend. Ironically that was done by Australia’s version of the Republican Party (called, incorrectly and ironically, the Liberal Party) and 30 years later that same political party has unquestioningly sent troops to Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else America needs to have allies to shore up its own decayed and faulty policies. Thus were Australian troops sent off to help its Good Friend America fight The War Against Terror despite the fact that 70% of Australians opposed that action, that war, and took to the streets in the biggest anti-war demonstrations in its history.

OK. Jump forward about two years to where there are no weapons of mass destruction, Iraq is a mess, terrorism has increased in the past 12 months… in other words all the reasons to not topple Iraq have borne fruit and there is even more doubt and anti-war sentiment in the Coalition of the Willing. Spain has pulled out, voters in England turn hard against Blair and Australians are in more doubt. The opposition political party – The Labour Party, elects a new leader, Mark Latham, who says that if he is elected as the new Prime Minister of Australia in the next (democratic) elections he will not commit to keeping Australian troops in Iraq with America (as opposed to being part of a UN force).

How does our good friend America react? It immediately issues a press release that if Latham wins the next election America may well withhold “intelligence information” from his government.

Now stop a moment and lets ponder those words.

In one short statement America just leaped into manipulating Australian domestic politics and policies and tried to scare voters into voting for the status quo. America said that it is willing to let Australia suffer from terrorism by withholding intelligence. America has said that ONE political party is its friend, but the other party, which might disagree with it, is not its friend. In other words America is not a friend of AUSTRALIA… it is only a friend of those in Australia who do its bidding.

In other words, despite a history of 65 years of mutual assistance (apparently mutual) Australia only gets to remain a good friend as long as it does what America – the New Rome – demands. Bow to the Emperor.

Now it may come as no surprise that as an Australian this offends me to the tips of my toenails. The sheer madness of it, the hypocrisy of it, the arrogance of it, the abuse of it, the disrespect of it and the lie of it are astonishing in their blatant rudeness and delivery.

It makes me more and more see why the Twin Towers happened. I mean, if this is how America treats its “friends” – and it does – imagine how it treats its “enemies”. And it does.

How does America expect its “friends” to BE friends, and to remain friends, when that is how it treats its “friends”? The fact is that slowly America’s friends are realizing that friendship American-style is a one-way road. It is a carrot and stick relationship, an abusive relationship, a – dare I say it – Jerry Springer relationship that determines US foreign policy.

If you think that this is in some way distorting the truth, or exaggerating the problem, read with me the words of a former leader of Cambodia in 1973, Sirik Matek, hours before being executed in the fall of Phnom Penh, in a letter written to Henry Kissinger, knowing he has been betrayed by Henry and that he was about to die: ” I have committed the mistake of believing in you, the Americans.”

The true truth is that American friendship and alliance has been written in the blood of betrayal all the way back to the Indian Treaties, every one of which was broken.

The real, deeper sadness for me is that Mark Latham and so many other leaders around the world still do not get it. Latham needs to stand up to the American government – to this one – and say “Really? You are threatening Australia after all we have done for you? Is THAT what you are saying because if you threaten to hurt my chance for election as the Australian leader then you ARE threatening the democratic process in my country and THAT threatens my country. So either, right now, give Australia the assurance of friendship and ongoing intelligence sharing or declare yourself an enemy of this country and of democracy.”

It will never happen of course. Not because Latham will never see the truth of it, but because the truth is the first casualty of war and because politics is the art of the possible, and right now what is possible with America ruling the world is that countries had better bow down and suck it up or they will be punished, badly. Problem is of course that when America does that it just creates more terrorists.

Even America’s friends, even old friends like Osama bin Laden have a breaking point.

– Tomas Gregory ©2004

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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