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Weekly Journal for the week of January 23

Weekly Journal for the week of January 23

Several people e-mailed me to challenge my contention that Dubya is showing signs of growing a heart.

I still believe it to be so… in fact I actually think that in his own bizarre, less than brilliant, religiously twisted and poisoned way he has a big heart, and truly believes that he is doing good for the world.

The problem with that is that he is so darn SURE that he is on the right path – i.e. God’s Path – that he has closed his heart to other people and their equally valued and valuable beliefs and opinions.

This is my belief and opinion on the matter, which I consider to be worth hearing, even if I am in a tiny minority.

It is the minority beliefs and opinions that round out any picture, that show us what we might be missing that others can see, and if we but take their perceptions on board for consideration we just might see a bigger picture, and even if we stay on the same course we will at least be aware that there are other approaches and complexities to any given issue.

It seems to me that when someone — even a President of the World Superpower – the New Roman Emperor – contemplates taking his country to war he owes it to the people to do so with extreme caution and respect for the choice to become a killer of thousands – and in the case of Iraq, over 100,000 – of innocent civilians as well as countless soldiers.

THIS is my core criticism, yeah, horror, of this President and his advisor/handlers.

He and they clearly – despite the fact that most of them have vast experience in government and politics and prodigious resumes and education appear to be totally clueless as to history, particularly in the Middle East in the past hundred years, as well as clueless to the cultures, beliefs and life approaches of those same countries.

I conclude this on the basis of the way they acted vis. a vis. Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, on their statements, claims and pronouncements about the whole situation and the rationalizations for their actions.

In the process they have lied, distorted, manipulated, controlled and suppressed everything almost every step of the way and have alienated almost every country in the world, especially countries who have been close and supportive friends and allies for many decades.

These guys just amaze me with their degree of ignorance, arrogance, assumption and downright stupidity, all of which have now been proven over and over by the actions taken, mistakes made and results resulting from all of that, easy to be seen by anyone who the guts and eyes to see it and admit it.

It is the millennial version of that wonderful and wise fable about The Emperor Having No Clothes, who fools everyone into seeing imaginary clothing on him, a classic case of cultural hypnosis.

What does sadden me is that I do believe that these guys are not evil – and to name them as such is to sink to playing the dumb game that they are playing!

We all have some “evil” in us and some “good” in us, and to go as far into that as I can will take a whole book, but the point is that it is literally madness – insanity – to project all evil onto “the other” who of course have to then be “the enemy, the evil enemy” while we remain the Good people.

That is the definition of a schizoid personality as first identified and described by the brilliant Melanie Klein.

The fact is that Bush is not heartless, it is that he is psychiatrically and technically insane. By definition.

But the problem goes much deeper. Bush is also a product of the culture, beliefs and experiences of the whole country of America, and the way it generally functions is just as insane.

Bush makes “them” out to be bad, wrong and Evil, just as we used to do with the Soviets, and then Bush’s opponents make Bush out to be wrong and evil, and of course the Bush right then attack these critics as wrong and evil until in everyone’s eyes someone else is wrong and evil and must be crushed and destroyed either by ballot or bomb.

And so America becomes just as polarized and oppositional within itself as it is with the rest of the world, especially the “terrorists” – never of course ever, ever, ever acknowledging that it has itself been the greatest terrorist the world has ever seen for the past 50 years, invading or warring with some 73 countries, demolishing or installing governments around the world to fit its “manifest destiny” and ” self-interest”, and in the process killing and maiming countless millions, and being directly responsible for the collapse and slaughter of previously stable and secure countries resulting in more millions of deaths as witnessed in the Killing Fields of Cambodia as a direct result of a totally illegal war waged in secret by Nixon and Kissinger, as just one of so many examples.

No, if we truly want to heal this country and also end or greatly diminish terrorism in the world we had better first open our eyes and our minds, take a big gulp of courage and humility and admit that we are all a bit right and a bit wrong and we better find some middle ground and common cause from which to proceed or we shall and will degenerate from mere schizoid states to fully blown paranoid schizophrenia and self destruct.

And if we can’t find common ground then we are less evolved and more stupid than even I believe.

And maybe then we deserve to disappear as another failed experiment of life.

And if we stay on this track of utter madness then I don’t know that there is any human purpose or reason for “humanity” to remain because it has demonstrated that it has forgotten what it is to be human.

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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