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Weekly Journal for the week of February 6

Weekly Journal for the week of February 6If you are in Australia or New Zealand, note that the February Womens Weekly has a 12 page Special Feature on Food & Astrology for each sign, done by me!Read it, and if you like it, e-mail them and ask for more from me! E-mail the Food Editor, Lyndey, and let her know – she arranged the whole thing. She is at:lmilan@acp.com.au *******************So, the Iraqi elections were a huge success according to the Republicans, and on the surface it did sure look good.I hope it works. I hope they can come together in a real coalition to form and forge a new democratic country.But my doubts keep nagging. Start with the fact that all of these Iraqi leaders are either those who submitted to Saddam for 30 years or those who fled the country to live in the West, and now Saddam is gone return home to lead.Remember that none of this has been led by Iraqis. The war was American. The election is American. The very concept that Iraq must have democracy is American, the success of the election is mostly American and of course Bush and company keep telling us what fantastic leaders are emerging to run the country.My main problem with all of this good news is that it sounds far too much like what we heard over and over again in South Vietnam, where we had an American war, American installed governments and leaders all of whom were much more interested in lining their own pockets than running an independent country.I fear that America is headed into a black hole just as it was 30 years ago – and from an astrology point of view 30 years is of course a Saturn Return and it can go either way – a repeat of past mistakes or a completion of them.Cross your fingers….-Tomas 2005 Tomas GregoryVisit tomasgregory.com for personal Daily Astrology and lots of other great stuff!

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