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Weekly Journal for the week of February 27

Weekly Journal for the week of February 27

Its 1 in the morning and I had an inspiration to share with you some things about me, something I have rarely done in the many years of writing this journal, and that is, I guess, because I am a very, very private person, and because for the most part I have been a hermit for the past five and a half years.

My inspiration was to invite you to participate with me in my vision to get my astrology around the world, available to every human being who gets value from it and so chooses to red it, be it weekly or daily.

The way I became the Aspen Astrologer was so totally guided by the Universe that I felt like a passenger on some Magical Mystical Tour!

I had just moved to Aspen, having driven all my earthly possessions in a U-Haul from San Francisco where I had been living for a year, and my trusty Mac hard drive crashed. A friend in town told me I had to get a certain guy, Archie McLean, to fix it, and Arch turned up and spent hours there getting the data off the crashed drive and of course we talked and in that I mentioned that I was an astrologer, that it was my “passionate hobby”.

Three days later I got a call from the Publisher of the new, and first, Aspen Sunday newspaper, the Roaring Fork on Sunday. John Duffy told me who he was and that the paper was two weeks old and they wanted a horoscope and could I do it? Turns out Archie had gone to their offices to fix a computer as the editorial staff talked about getting a horoscope and Archie interrupted them and told them about me, hence the call!

So I told John I had never done one or tried as I thought that newspaper astrology was garbage so why would I write it? However, I added, one astrologer, Rod Brezny was good, so it was possible, and that I’d give it a shot on the condition that if either he or I did not like it we would say so and I would stop. He laughed and said it’s a deal.

I had NO idea how to do it, how to write a horoscope let alone how to use astrology to see the weekly info for each sign to be then interpreted and composed and written, all in a very tight number of words.

I figured it out with the help of a graphic dream and a suggestion from a friend, Judith Kula.

It was a skyrocket blast into space big hit in town. Everybody was not only reading it, they were talking about it, in the cafes and the restaurants and the clothing stores and the banks and on the buses.

It was incredible.

The Editor and co-owner of the paper and now my best friend, Curtis Robinson pressured me for 6 weeks to get a photo done to be printed with the horoscope whereas for those six weeks it just ran under a heading “The Aspen Astrologer” – which by the way, came to me in a Rocky Mountain cabin a few miles out of Aspen on the edge of the wilderness where we were regularly visited by all manner of wildlife, talking with friends about the same time as I am writing this, with a beautiful big log fire and a pleasant range of things to smoke and to drink. POW! The Aspen Astrologer. It hit me like Marlon Brando described in “Apocalypse Now”… like a diamond going through my forehead.

So Curtis finally wore me down after 4 weeks to the point where I agreed to have him run a lifelike portrait drawn in crayon by an art student busking for $20 on Fisherman’s Wharf the previous year. He grumbled but accepted the compromise and then used it against me by saying “Look Tomas, people see the drawing but now the want to see the actual person who is writing their horoscopes for them. We must have a photo.”

I acquiesced. No small thing. I was so shy about all the attention I was getting, I mean, I could not walk down any street in Aspen and not be stopped by “fans” who wanted to thank me, tell me how amazingly accurate I was, ask me if I had their house bugged, or inform me that until they read my astrology they knew astrology was garbage and now they knew it really worked. A photo in the paper every Sunday would mean that everyone would recognize me, not just a few. Scary.

I went through the fear and it was wonderful. Wonderful to be so known, and valued and loved. I became what Curtis calls a true Aspen Character”. He also reminded me that I was a small “c” celebrity and not a large “C” Celebrity!

I did that, for free, for about two years and then got paid $100 a month for the weekly horoscopes. I hated it. I went through Hell every week writing it. I resisted it with a sort of hunched over uptense sort of fear protection and week after week after week for about three years I left it until the very, very, very last moment which was about midnight Wednesday night knowing it had to be at the newspaper office via e-mail by Thursday morning. So I’d do it at midnight in a state of pain, literally. It was my weekly horror. And the reason, the thing that kept me going was that people kept telling me how much they loved it. How much value and worth they got from it. How it helped them understand themselves, their lives and what they were going through. It gave them a point of contact and discussion at work, within families and even at schools.

That was what fueled me to face the fire every week and write one more horoscope.

And you are one of the constantly growing number of visitors to my astrology sites, here and on aspentimes.com. And I assume that you, too, come because you get some value from my astrology, otherwise you would not return and you certainly would not be taking this much time to read these words.

So I invite you to help me share the value that you get from my astrology. To give other people the option, the choice, to come and get that value if they want it. It’s free! It always will be free. The whole premise of my life, my astrology and my websites is: It’s free. Come and get free value and I know that giving free value… gifts…. returns to the giver over and over. It is a part of my vision and philosophy and my life and the way I live my life to give freely, including to myself, to the best of my ability and this is one way I do that.

I suggest that the price of the gift is that you then have a responsibility to pass it on to others, so that you continue the chain of giving, and you share that which I have shared with you which you value!

This way we all join and share the same mission and vision – to share value and so to grow value for people and in the world. That is the fastest way I know to heal this screwed up race we are in.

And the thing that really trips me out about the value I offer through my astrology – and hopefully through my writings too – is that different people get different value from reading the same words! I get to create value from “nothing”, I am the source of it and it is wrought from the crucible of every moment I have lived and loved and learned and suffered and traveled and explored and ventured and sometimes crashed badly.

And then I see people get that value and I get to value and enjoy me more, knowing I am fulfilling my visions more and more.

Just as I have done and continue to do I ask you to grow your value by sharing the value you get, and that includes all value everywhere. If you enjoy a great restaurant tell everyone about it any and every way you can. The students at Beijing University in China download my astrology every week, translate it into Chinese, photocopy the English and Chinese versions and post them on every student notice board in the University. I was e-mailed by one of the Professors there because he wanted to make sure I knew about that!!

I am doing my bit, including this month in Australia 2.6 million women are reading a Special Feature I wrote for The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine… so … share the value and give more people the same choice!!

Be well,

Copyright; 2005 Tomas Gregory

Visit tomasgregory.com for personal Daily Astrology and lots of other great stuff!

I highly recommend that you read A BRILLIANT ESSAY BY William Rivers Pitt called “The News Is Broken” and which can be found at: http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/021105A.shtml

It is fairly long, and will give you a very scary picture of the state of media and political journalism in the White House, and the degradation and corruption of journalism… in other words, what you get ain’t what is really is, at all.

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