Weekly Journal for the week of February 20 | AspenTimes.com

Weekly Journal for the week of February 20

Weekly Journal for the week of February 20

So I call this week “The Week of The Dangerous Enemies”.

America is taking on both Iran and North Korea together this week over their nuclear weapons programs and as usual demonizing both.

Does it occur to anyone that if you call three countries an “axis of Evil” and then invade one, it just might be that the other two will get a little bit worried that they are next?

And clearly they deserve to be worried, and the only real way they can stop America from its mad rush into war in The Middle East is to hold up a nuke and say “Yeah? Really? Wanna play Yankee?”

I am amazed that I can still be astonished by America’s endless ability and gift at creating its own problems where none existed.

Meanwhile Professor Ward Churchill at Colorado U in Boulder dares to suggest that America itself acted in a way to bring terror to its shores, dares to suggest that those in the Twin Towers were like “Eichmann” – the Nazi who ran the SS Death Camps, and the media and government go ballistic that he dare exercise his own freedom of speech in our fine export quality democracy.


I sat in dumb shock as uberLiberal Bill Maher was interviewed on Hannity and Crumbs and dared to say that “we never did anything bad to anyone. We are the good guys.”

Oh, thank you for straightening me out on that Bill. You fool. Your level of sheer ignorance is truly something to be proud of and to publicly flaunt it is paramount to standing up and screaming, “I am an ignorant, uneducated idiot.”

Lets start with 100,000 “innocent civilian” deaths when we “liberated” Iraq.

America has never hesitated to kill millions… yes, millions, of people to get its way, be it politically, economically or for any other darn reason it wants, but ALWAYS that is presented as a Good (us) vs. evil (then) situation and the voters approve and follow like dumb dogs with lobotomies as they go back to their “reality shows” on TV.

Ward Churchill is in my eyes an American hero with the guts to tell it as it actually IS.

The people in the Twin Towers, for the most part, were the managers of the American Empire, stomping on anyway who got in the way, looting the planet, killing and toppling legitimate governments, living in wealth and not giving a damn about the human consequences of their actions.

And they were the tip of an American iceberg of voters and taxpayers who mindlessly allows its government to invade and control 72 countries in the past 50 years.

Remember that Sept 11 (? 1970 I think) was also the day that the democratically elected President of Chile was assassinated on the orders of Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon because they did not like his politics.

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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