Weekly Journal for the week of February 13 | AspenTimes.com

Weekly Journal for the week of February 13

Weekly Journal for the week of February 13

So I have been going through intense and challenging times… oh, big surprise! lolol

One has been having the above-mentioned magazine come out to be read by 2.6 million women (mostly) in Australia and New Zealand, where I am given a big wrap-up… “Alternative healer and astrologer to movie stars Tomas Gregory is an Australian who lives among the Hollywood glitterati in the ski mecca of Aspen” – etc. etc. and then they forget to include my website address, as had been agreed upon!

So 2.6 million women get to read the hype and miss the value of the website!

Very frustrating. I felt like good old Charlie Brown where Lucy yanks away the football at the last moment.

Ah, such is life. We have wins, we have losses – or as I like to call them, lessons – and we have strange times where both arrive together!

So, how do I approach all of that? With a smile, with the knowledge that I trust the Universe, experience myself as always guided and protected and I trust the timing.

Hmmm… Glitterati eh? All my friends in Aspen are going to give me hell over that one for years to come!! lolol

– Tomas

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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