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Weekly Journal for the week of December 5

Weekly Journal for the week of December 5

Well folks, its the 60’s all over again so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

I saw anti-war protesters carrying signs like “bombing for peace is like F**king for virginity” – straight out of the Hippie history books.

It sure seems like we are back in the age of the witch-hunts, whether it is hunting for gays, smokers, liberals or terrorists.

I want to erect a memorial at “Ground Zero” – the Twin Towers site – of 33 ten foot high replicas of the twin towers and call it “Memorial to Iraqi terrorism by America” because that is how many innocent Iraqi civilians have been murdered so far by America troops in their campaign to “free” the country.

100, 000 people dead in Iraq. 33 Twin Towers worth of slaughter against them and THEY had nothing to do with 9-11.

Meanwhile bans on smoking spread because it is called the greatest controllable cause of death and is based on medical grounds, where the Prohibition of alcohol was on moral grounds. If you think there is a difference, open your eyes and think again. It is a witch-hunt. If you took all of the “pollution” caused by smokers it would not be a billionth of the total of cars, factories, planes, buses, coal burning plants and all the other accoutrements of an industrial society. NONE of that is talked about or taken into account when they talk about “passive smoking”. Folks, its a con. I am not saying passive smoking of cigarette smoke is harmless, but I am saying it is a huge distraction from the real problem… that we are poisoning the planet and its water and air and smoking hardly scores on that score.

It is all also part of the resurgence of a fascist need to control everyone else based on “I am right, you are wrong, therefore change or we will make you change” and in the case of Iraq it is “… or we will kill you.”

Madness. It is madness.

So what can we do? First and most important see it for what it is and refuse to participate. Insist on pointing out and yelling “The Emperor has no clothes” and more and more people will wake up from the social/media hypnosis and join in the calls to end the madness and the hypocrisy.

You don’t end war by fighting for peace. You end it by loving peace more.


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