Weekly Journal for the week of December 26

Weekly Journal for the week of December 26

Christmas – and across America people are protesting in small groups about the fact that they cannot sing religious hymns in public places, schools etc.

Well gee wow, that’s really a problem when you think that this very “Christian” country is also destroying people by the thousands and STILL there are virtually no protests about THAT.

Confused values? I think so.

Meanwhile the military has recorded the highest suicide rate ever and the talking heads on TV are FINALLY starting to say that things are not going so well with the war on Iraq while our President remains in splendid denial about it all.

What I find so scary is that they took this country, and others, into a war and had NO IDEA that just maybe this might happen. Forget Vietnam. Hell, forget the American Revolution! Where did they get the idea that everyone in Iraq would basically lie down and say “gee, thank you for invading our country, killing 100,000 civilians, raping, beating and humiliating our prisoners, imposing the government and Prime minister YOU want, and then telling us we are free?

The LIE of it all is starting to unravel. The lie that Iraq had ANYTHING at all to do with 9/11 is STILL pushed by the administration but finally others are daring to challenge The State on that.

The LIE that those fighting us in Iraq are imported terrorists is starting to unravel ass we more and more learn that almost all the “terrorists” are in fact – oops – Iraqi citizens who are just really pissed off that we invaded their country.

Meanwhile the army is running out of people and induction into the reserves is way down and yet…. AND YET they Still are talking about “the Iranian” problem and implying another possible invasion.

By the way did you know that after World War 2 there were 2 German Generals put on trial at Nuremburg for war crimes, found guilty and executed. Their specific war crime charge was that they launched a pre-emptive invasion against a sovereign state.

Now you will better understand why Bushit refuses to allow America to be part of the World Court for War Crimes – they would likely come after his and his murderous moron cronies.

Ah, the madness.

Happy New Year.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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