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Weekly Journal for the week of December 19

Weekly Journal for the week of December 19

Oh how far we have strayed.

After World War 1 the League of Nations was created as a visionary international body for diplomacy, inspired and championed by an American President. After World War 2 the United Nations was created for the same reasons, again by an American President.

Back then America had a vision of itself as the benefactor and mentor to developing nations, acknowledging its own wealth and power and the concomitant responsibility they brought, to share, to assist, to foster wellbeing in the world.

Today we have the lunatics of the Right screaming for the head of the head of the UN, Kofi Anan because some corrupt officials in the UN MIGHT have been breaking American demanded sanctions against Iraq and Saddam Hussein through the 90’s.

Six investigations have been set up, none have been completed, and yet these ratbags want “justice” BEFORE any evidence is even presented. American Justice, mind you, so it must be right.

Meanwhile one of the looniest of the loonies calling for Anan’s head, the indomitable Tom de Lay (or is that Tom delay?) is himself slowly drowning under a slew of corruption charges of taking bribes from lobbyists and corporations, and THEN taking MORE to pay for his legal defense!!

In the middle of all of this, the Religious Right – now called the Bush Administration, announces that things are all going according to plan in Iraq and everything is great while the CIA head of station in Iraq resigns with a report that everything is turning to crap in a hurry and that he can see it getting worse and worse.

How sad. How mad.

It occurred to me last night as I drifted off to sleep that the whole claim that we are exporting the Great God of Democracy is a massive crock, and here is why.

By definition Democracy is “OF the people, for the people”. What we have in Iraq is a situation where the people did not and could not find their own path to democracy even if they wanted it (which is still a dubious proposition) and so we have invaded them (for their own good of course!… not that WE have anything to benefit from it, oh no!) and then we have DICTATED that they MUST have democracy!

In other words, we are Democracy Dictators.

Out with the old dictator Saddam, and in with the new Dictator, America.

I mean, surely Dictated Democracy is an oxymoron!

We have truly reached the state of Orwellian big Brother where words become their opposite meaning, where War is Peace etc. Where the insurgents in Iraq who are resisting American Dictatorship are now “terrorists”. If it were Russia invading Iraq they would be “freedom fighters.”

Ah, the madness.

My hope is that the madness will just grow and get madder until enough people wake up and yell “the Emperor has no clothes” and the hypnosis will be broken.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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