Weekly Journal for the week of December 12

Weekly Journal for the week of December 12

I am at the point where I just laugh when people say astrology does not work or they don’t believe in it. Then I feel sorry for them in their ignorance.

To me it is like someone saying they do not believe in computers!

Astrology is a tool to be used for greater awareness and understanding of ourselves and the cycles of life that we proceed through.

It is a road map for our life and self-awareness, and the more I live the more I learn about it and from it.

My most recent example is that I have just been through – endured – a major Saturn transit. I knew it was coming and knew that however it presented it would mean some restriction on me, to slow me down and teach me needed lessons that I had missed.

How it manifested was that in April I returned to Australia for 3 weeks to do some media and found my mother at death’s door (very Saturn!) and decided to stay and help her recover. It took exactly the period of my Saturn transit (of course!!) which when finished freed me to return home to Aspen.

In that time I went through all of the classic Saturn “symptoms” – fear, constraint, aloneness, isolation (knowing almost no one in Australia these days) de-press-ion etc.

And along the way I got to see an enormous amount of how my family really functions, the patterns and behavior, beliefs and interactions that had been there for me since childhood and that I had grown up in, but now finally saw subtleties that had previously eluded me, giving me the new choice to do it differently, respond differently, interact in much healthier ways.

And though it all I knew there was a timing to it all, and it would be finished, and then I would move onto my next life phase.

As with so many Saturn transits it has been an extraordinarily tough time in many ways, yet I pity those who go through such times with no awareness of astrology, who just think it is how life is and ultimately feel victims to that instead of knowing the process and so being able to use it, learn from it, make the most of it.

Ah, life, in all of its weirdness and wonder. What a journey we are all on!