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Weekly Journal for the week of August 8

Every now and then I get to a point in my life where I feel angry, frustrated, horrified and disgusted with the world, people, war and whatever else that is not perfect.

Then I know it is time for a mind shift, to stop looking at the world through Western eyes of Good and Bad and shift to the Buddhist view that says that “A broken cup is a perfect broken cup”.

And I add, “and a failure at being an unbroken cup”.

In other words, EVERYTHING is perfect, because when we still our mind and quieten all of our judgments, all that is left to say, and to know, is that everything just IS. It IS whatever it IS. Then we have a core choice – to experience the IS-ness of it all as perfect or as screwed and ugly etc.

I once coined the phrase “There is no justice, there Just IS.”

Another version of all of this I teach in my seminars with the saying that is one of my personal mantras:

“I have chosen to create every moment of my life with love and wisdom for myself to get value.”

Again, either I am amazing and brilliant or I am a doofus! I choose to believe that ALL of my life has value and view it that way. So every disaster I have had has been a huge success! Disasters occur when the Universe and our Higher Self want us to learn a LOT of things VERY fast! lolol

So when I see the world as it is right now I choose to believe that the idiot Bush is the perfect man FOR NOW to be doing what he is doing, as a representative of the madness and insanity of humanity, and by doing what he is doing we all get to see our own human madness projected up on the screen called life and the world so we can get VERY clear that we do not want to keep doing it.

And sometimes I realize that humanity is a slow learner. Painfully slow.

Be well, and find your own perfection – Tomas

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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