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Weekly Journal for the week of August 29

A part of a letter to a friend…

“If you’re prediction is correct then under 50% would vote so to be truly democratic that would mean that the American majority had actually voted for NO government so both candidates would lose. Yes? Am I being too French?

Personally I’ll take a $10 bet against you on this point. (a) Because you are a contrary bugger and if you are not going to vote then Joe Suburbia and Mary Loo trailer trash probably will… (b) One dynamic you can pretty well take to the bank is that victims also form lynch mobs fast, and I suspect that the urge to lynch Sheriff Dubya is pretty high and climbing.

What worries me is that W. got there because a lot of people did not vote. It really interests me that I have seen NO media coverage or polls or research or such on who the 50% of non-voters ARE and I have suspected for many years that despite the claims of RMN that the Silent Majority were “his kind of people” I believe that the Right has just about flushed every possible voter out of the drains and that those not voting are, like you, neither Left nor Right but the great Silent “Middles” and are generally more liberal in the best American tradition but are also smart enough to remove themselves from a game that they see no point in playing any more.

SOME of them (about 30%) would vote for big-eared paranoids with anti-government sentiment, some for Nader-like demigods, but generally they just don’t care anymore.

Here’s a question I’d like answered…. who WOULD inspire you enough to go and vote? What policies stand etc.? What is your ideal Presidential candidate, and who if any fit or come close to that in America today – from anywhere in America.

A poll about a year ago had 60% voting for the President/actor from West Wing (what IS his name?).

Further, since America proudly proclaims itself to be the leader of the free world and sees the world as its playground to test new weapons of mass destruction, I think that the whole world should be allowed to vote in Presidential elections. Kerry would win…. hell, Bugs Bunny would win now…. the anyone but BU**SH** sentiment is vast…. I get this sense that as Nov draws near there is a gradual global intake of air that will either be released as a gasp of fear and despair or a huge cheer come Nov. 4.

Go ahead, quote Shakespeare and those other wimpy white blokes…

Me? I like Marcus Aurelius: “Let the games begin.”


© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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