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Weekly Journal for the week of August 22

I decided it was to be the week of pornography and obscenity.

I did not plan it, it sort of evolved that way, starting with sitting watching Fahrenheit 9/11 – the words kept running through my head “This is really obscene” as the film documented a variety of aspects of the BU**SH** administration.

Then I heard yet another religious ranter raving about the evils of porn on the Internet, yet again calling for it to be controlled and censored by the government, a cause already defeated twice in the Supreme Court which, despite being weighted towards the conservative right, still amazingly stands up against the Right when it comes to some controversial issues like Internet censorship and gay and sexual lifestyle rights.

So I thought it was time for me to do a little porn trolling on the net and see what the state of things was these days. I personally do not find porn stimulating, maybe because I have always had a healthy approach to sex and pleasure and the exploration of both, maybe because I have un-suppressed my sexuality, maybe because of genes, or whatever, but it just does not do it for me.

I do find it fascinating that it is so fascinating for so many people, either as a source of pleasure and stimulation or as a source of horror and hate to be sermonized against and fought with like The Devil itself.

Anyway, I went on a few internet porn journeys and the first thing that I saw was how “Disney” it has all become…. nice, clear colorful photos and graphic layouts – in fact all the websites looked like they came out of the same production house. Sure there was the whole gamut of kinks and twists, the whole range of “obscene”, “twisted”, “evil”, “perverse” tastes that you can imagine – though I saw no kiddie porn which the ranters and media tell us is “everywhere” on the net.

So, OK, this sort of thing might not be your thing any more than mine but clearly it satisfies a big multi-billion dollar need and employs gainfully a lot of people along the way.

But I come back to the fact that much of what BU**SH** and his cohorts are doing is far more obscene than any porn I saw on the net. Then tonight I watch a special TV production on BBC News on global warming where 2 senior British scientists, both official advisors to the British government, saying that there IS NO argument about whether global warming is happening anymore…. because it IS. The only argument is how fast it is happening and what the danger and destruction will be and how BU**SH** refuses to sign the Kyoto World agreement on the environment – America is the ONLY country which has refused to do so, by the way. (Note that with 5% of the world’s population, America consumes 25% of the oil used and produces 25% of the pollution generated… hmmm.)

Meanwhile the entire nation of the Maldive Islands is gradually disappearing under the ocean and at this rate will DROWN in the next decade or two. The earth in Alaska is unfreezing, causing massive erosion and destruction of land, threatening to wreck the Alaska oil pipeline as well as Indian habitats. Vast farming areas of Northern China are becoming desert at the rate of 1,000 square miles a year now. The list of warning signals is present, clear, and growing.

The ignoring of them is truly obscene.

The British scientists in the BBC Special pointed out that America is THE biggest polluter in the world with China second. BU**SH** says that one of his reasons for not signing the Kyoto Treaty is that China gets special breaks and yet these scientists on BBC made a point of saying that China is THE most pro-active country in the world (!) in reducing pollution and warming because they are so aware of the dangers presented to their people, especially in lowered food production due to desertification.

The scientists further stated – to my agreement and astonishment – that Washington is in total denial of the situation despite the fact that both scientists had talked British Prime Minister Tony Blair to raise it in talks with American lawmakers, and that they had also done so on Capitol Hill and in many talks, seminars and interviews in America.

Meanwhile the situation in Baghdad is out of control according to many journalists (not American), aid workers etc. as Iraqi “innocent civilians” are being killed and kidnapped in ever increasing numbers with barely any reportage in American media, and Medicin Sans Frontier (Doctors Without Borders) has withdrawn from Afghanistan – citing as their reason the assassination of 34 doctors with none of the killers caught and the situation deteriorating in yet another war disaster of the BU**SH** government.

And in all of this obscene international puke I sit and watch Republican commentators diss the Democratic convention over minute points of complaint and the likes of Newt Ginrich and Ollie North commenting on issues of truth, integrity and patriotism as they try to lesson the power, passion and impact of the Democratic messages.

Lest you have forgotten, North, the internationally infamous Colonel Oliver North was the man who traded guns for hostages for the Reagan administration in direct contravention of international law, American law and stated Reagan philosophy and policy while Newt was the guy who led the Republican Revolution against Clinton, impeaching him for – among other things – the Lewinsky “scandal” while he himself was a married man having an ongoing and illicit affair with his secretary for whom he left his wife.

Obscene, you want to talk to me about obscene? Compared to this mounting pile of BU**SH** so-called dirty pictures seem to be a very mild form of pornography, if not an amusing escape from “reality”.

2004 Tomas Gregory

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