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Weekly Journal for the week of August 15

Seymour Hersh, the world famous reporter who broke the Abu Graib story has now told the rest of the world about the 100 classified documents, photos and videos that were withheld from the American public at the time we all heard about American military torturing Iraqi prisoners.

Turns out that there are videos of American soldiers sodomizing Iraqi BOYS, and Hersh tells of how the screaming really got to him.

Oh, did I mention that none of this – at the time I am writing it – has been reported in America, land of the free?

Barely mentioned also was the story reported by an Australian award winning journalist in Iraq of how the new Iraqi President was taken into a prison to view captured “terrorists” and he said they were dogs, pulled his pistol and executed all 6 of them on the spot.

Nah, that won’t get in the newspapers of America, land of the Free.

Or how about the hundreds of kidnappings and murders of everyday Iraqi citizens, events so common that ordinary people fear leaving their homes, and where the joke is “America has given us Freedom. The terrorists are free to shoot us and we are free to stay in our homes”. Well, surprise, that WAS reported in TIME Magazine, in the land of the Free.

And did anyone tell you how the new Patriot Act (And I swear this is true) means that the Gestapo, oops, sorry, Homeland Security and Intelligence Officials can now go to your library and get a list of the books you have read, AND if the librarian tells you that this has happened he/she can be sent to prison, in the land of the Free.

– Tomas

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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