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Weekly Journal for the week of August 1

Mahatma Ghandi once said that the only Demons in the world to chase are the ones in our own hearts.

Psychiatry tells us that one of the most common human neuroses is that of denial and projection, where we deny any “wrong” in ourselves and then project it “out there” onto others.

Then of course we have to stop THEM from being demonic!

So we have NICO Nazis who deny their own addictive, destructive behaviors and project that onto smokers, and then try to stop “them” from doing “it”.

Nationally of course we – America and friends – see reds under the bed, terrorists in the barn and bad people everywhere.

I am constantly amazed to listen to the BU**SH** clique describe the terrorists and do so with absolutely straight faces. They actually believe their own hype, which means they are no longer in the realm of neurosis but have taken up residence in the land of the serious loonies.

Even simple statements like “these animals are killing innocent people” defy belief when we killed (so far) 9,000 innocent civilian Iraqis to give them freedom, and the Israelis pull the same madness as they slaughter Palestinians as if they were ants on the food at a picnic.

Of course the beheadings were the best. This elicited screams of protest at how these animals are also primitive, evil, etc. No one bothers to mention that beheadings are an OFFICIAL form of execution in Saudi Arabia just as gassing, hanging, electrocutions and poisonous injections are perfectly “civilized” in America, apparently.

Never mind that for over 30 years America has been the only 1st World country to keep executing its own citizens. Now, tell me again about “We The People” and how we must fear the Power of the State, as did the founding fathers.

The ignorance and stupidity, the sheer lack of education of those in the American media and government is worth its own Michael Moore movie. Yet again a wave of media/gov rants against the French which really boil down to “How DARE they disagree with us? How DARE they have a separate policy to us?” The core rant is that France is against the freedom, sorry, Freedom that America represents, after all its socialist place full of froggies.

Jeez. Again I remind everyone, and please pass this on to your local news anchor moron… The French SAVED America’s freedom. The French made it possible for the English to be defeated by providing the Revolutionary Army its ships and weapons s well as food and money.

The French then gave America the GIFT of The Statue of Liberty to celebrate and commemorate the bonds between the two countries that both so valued freedom and democracy against tyranny and despotism.

How soon all that is forgotten when it suits to forget it. The French have earned the right to have a separate opinion, a separate policy and a FREE path of their own to walk, I think.

I also think that America is small-minded, petty and childish to take the path it takes vis a vis the French.

THEY gave us the Republic. They believed in us and handed it to us on a plate. Without them, America would still be British.

Get it? Good! Please pass it on!

– Tomas

Copyright; 2004 Tomas Gregory

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