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Weekly Journal for the week of April 4

Given all the sexual energy that will be flying about for the next few weeks it seems to me to be particularly appropriate to address a few of the sexual issues I see in America that are out-standing.

The most obvious is the incredibly deep and strong puritanism that infects this country like a slimy virus, infecting so many aspects of life here, and decaying what should be rock solid rights of the individual to “the pursuit of happiness”.

In America, GREAT sex is referred to as either “Bad” or “Nasty”… as in “We had nasty sex last night.” Raunchy is bad where in other countries it means hot. Kinky is really bad of course and almost anything beyond missionary position sex between a man and a woman is kinky, i..e. wrong, naughty and bad!

Listen up folks. Sex is a healthy human activity like eating food. Apply the same rules to it. If you re hungry, then eat. Some meals are take away, some are gourmet. Its OK to go to restaurant once to try the food, then return or not depending on what you find. Continue in this vein and you will liberate yourself to huge degree.

If sex is not a beautiful, exciting, passionate thing for you then you have some work to do!

– Tomas