Weekly Journal for the week of April 25

Weekly Journal for the week of April 25

It is almost an indulgence to allow myself, given that most of the time I am teaching people how to engage in their visions and I call myself a “down to Earth visionary”.

But every now and then it is all too much.

I am watching TV and there is a news show on the drug scene and the Reagan “Just say No” campaign with the Reagan’s talking about “enjoying the life that God gave you”. Well, you know, if you take that line how come we do not EVER cop to the fact that if God gave us life then He must have given us drugs too!

It seems to me that given that drugs and alcohol have been part of human experience since the beginning of history just MAY BE it is a PART of being human to also have mind altering chemicals. MAYBE we NEED to alter reality from time to time. Maybe we need drugs to give us an alternate perspective!

I mean, it seems to me that the VAST majority of humans use SOME chemicals to vary reality.

But that is not the point, just a point to make.

THE point here is my depression and the madness and hypocrisy of drug laws is just a facet of the big picture of my depression, which comes down to… no, first, another facet… I am walking the streets of Santa Monica in LA, one of countless rich white suburbs of America where the shops are boutiques and the cafe´ lattes flow and as it gets late myriads of the homeless inhabit spare benches and the rich walk by blinded by their own prosperity.

And I walk the streets with the burden of having a Gemini Moon which regularly produces emotions that scream “WHAT IS THE POINT?” — to life, to money,l to society, to reality, to… anything?

We spend, and I do mean SPEND … more money, more time, more social resources, more government money, more, more, more on STOPPING people’s choices (like taking drugs) than we do creating choices and options and support for the down and out members of the society we live in.

What IS the point – of life, of society, of government – if not to make sure we all get a fair break, we all get a chance, and for those poor members of our world to at least ensure that we spread our wealth enough to at least feed and house the down and out people.

Vincent Van Gough was one of them. Many wonderful and talented people are included.

And I listen to how drugs – EXtasy now – will DESTROY – CUT HOLES – in YOUR brain. JESUS I have been hearing this crap for DECADES…. ABOUT LSD, ABOUT Marijuana… and never do we hear how “mainstream drugs” like alcohol eat your brain.

The British scientists reviewed American government “evidence and claims” about the dangers of

Extasy… bear in mind that American scientists and government produced PHOTOS of the brain damage caused by the drug and the Brits said NO, NO, NO!!!!

American governments have consistently named drugs to be evil and wrong and dangerous and the rest of the world says – in effect – bull. The American government uses drugs as a way to oppress and persecute and punish the young who want to explore and experiment.

So, I am depressed tonight. I am also perverse… because I CAN be depressed at the state of government and society and the law in America. BETTER to be depressed than to accept the madness of it!!

Resist the madness. Challenge the “Truth”, the reality and the accepted evidence.

Dr. George Ricardi of the National Health in America claimed that ONE dose of extasy can cause permanent brain damage… THUS national news.

Dr. ricardi, a “respected” government researcher, admitted that he used a FAR MORE powerful drug than extasy… these people have NO credibility anymore. I am sickened, disgusted and depressed.

EVEN NOW a Peter Jennings special report concludes that it is the government that cannot be trusted anymore when it comes to drug “research” and claims. How sad that the government has agendas that are NOT the truth and NOT in the public interest but are ideologically driven. We have become Russia.

I have one thing to say to the government… LEAVE US ALONE!!!!

The GOVERNMENT DEA statistics had to admit that TWO DEATHS purely from ecstasy occurred in one year in America with over 100 MILLION “doses”. IF it were legal and governmentally controlled we would all be safer and healthier!

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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