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Weekly Journal for the week of April 11

One of the things i like in America is that even though it takes a while to wake the sleeping beast, the populace of America does eventually start to rise in the recognition that something stinks in the back yard, especially when it is coming from DC.

And I think that is finally happening. People are realizing that they have truly been lied, hoodwinked and led down the garden path for some old fashioned rape.

I mean, the Bush admonsteration makes Nixon and the Leakers look like kindergarten bullies, and when it comes to plain old lying, Bush wins hands down. Consider….

No Weapons of Mass Destruction – except of course the US Military itself. No credibility after trying to blame the CIA for all its lies and fake justifications for war (remember the claim that Saddam could unleash nuclear bombs on America in 45 minutes… ridiculous even then!!) … it goes on and on..

The media seems to have woken up on the anniversary of the War on Iraq beginning and suddenly grabbed it like a dog shaking a skunk to death.. Suddenly we had REAL reporting of international views and consequences of Bush’s panty raid through all the international garden of destruction he wrought with treaties like Kyoto, anti land mine and about 12 others. THEN he recently had the gall to again tell European countries what THEIR duty was in the War on Terror.

This President is a sad and bad one. That simple. He is hurting America, in many ways, more than Bin Laden ever did. time will show this to be so true as to be painful, and it will take a LOT of work – and years — to mend the damage – if then.

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