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The article at the following URL is a must to read – detailing the concerted efforts of religious right nutters to turn America into a God-ruled country. For example, the Texas Republican Party Platform now reads: “The Republican Party of Texas affirms that the United States is a Christian nation.”

Or, as John Ashcroft has stated it on his swearing in as Attorney General: “We have no king but Jesus.” Yes, the man who is supposed to be the top law-keeper in the land said THAT.

Read it and weep, no, read it and fight back and VOTE!



I recommend highly that you read a book – an oldie but a goodie – called 1984 if you want to have any real appreciation of where we are at in the American political process coming up to the November elections.

I have actually reached a point where I find it almost impossible to watch FOX “News”, and hard enough to even watch CNN. My major news sources are the British BBC and Australian SBS, both of which actually report what is happening in the entire world. What a concept.

Meanwhile American “news and views” – led by the ultra-right FOX, have degenerated into some place that is beyond propaganda, beyond hype, beyond reason and is in the realm of the book 1984 (actually titles “nineteeneightyfour”) where slogans of the State system have replaced debate, where “War is Peace” and other common sense terms are sat on their ears, where madness reigns as sanity…. which reminds me of the ranting madman Hannity who today says that KERRY is a scary man and the Democratic policy is – and I quote – “MADNESS”.

Well Mr. Hannity has cornered the market in reportage insanity.

Lets remember we are in a world war that we are losing because (a) it is unwinnable and (b) we already lost it! We lost it because the weapon of terrorism is in US and as a group we let our terror overrule our heart and minds, our reason and rational thinking. We let our feelings of fear and terror spend billions in knee jerk jerk off reactions that do no good and lots of harm like invading Iraq where the latest CIA report predicts likely breakdown into complete religious civil war. The answer to Iraq’s woes may only reside in bringing Saddam back!

This year we are seeing madness win, terror win, and when Putin, the leader of Russia brought in new stricter laws after the school “terrorist” massacre, Colin Powell said – you gotta love this – that “America is concerned that Russia is winding back on democracy and the rights of its citizens.” Ho, ho.


You know, I lived in psychiatric hospitals from the age of 3 because my Dad was a Nursing Supervisor and we were given staff housing in the grounds of the hospital. I worked as a psychiatric nurse for 10 years to avoid Vietnam and after a year of living in America and trying to figure it out, I had a huge bright flash! I realized that I was in a lunatic asylum with 260 million people and my job was to find the staff!

Now, this was when America was quite quiet! In 1992, just months before Clinton was elected.

That madness I saw then has bubbles to the surface like crap in a swamp.

The people now advising Bush the Little – Rove, Wolfowitz, etc. were called “The Nutters” back in 1992 by the then President Bush the Big.

Madness is upon us – a regular cycle in the doings and dealings of mankind and womankind throughout history.

Lets fight it by being men-kind and woman-kind! That is the key… to remain civil, tolerant, compassionate and loving – even to the nutters.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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