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Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal

I have been often told of late what a strange and weird person I am and life I have. It is true. it is so true that at times it even amazes me. For the full bio go to my other website at tomasgregory.com, but my point here is that I do have such a strange and weird life and I worked hard to create and keep it.

See, to me being normal and having really normal lives would kill me and nearly did many years back. Nothing wrong with it, and it has many payoffs, but for me it is death, it bores me to death. I am one of those people who need to live very intensely, its just how it is for me this time around, and so by definition that is one reason I am strange and so is my life.

I like it. Mostly. It gets a bit stranger when my southern friends tell me to NOT mention I am an astrologer in certain states in America because it will likely get me lynched, arrested or both. See apparently southern “Christians” think that astrologers are doing the Devil’s work and are evil.. This despite the fact that the three wise men were called Magi, ancient Greek for…. yep …. astrologer.

So the very idea that people who will never meet me already hate me because I write astrology every week is very strange to me, though they would no doubt define themselves as normal, mainstream, average people.

And what is scary is…. they are. It is I who believes in tolerance and fairness and acceptance and so on which is also why it is I who am weird!

Anyway, I encourage you to be as weird and strange as you can be, and are. It makes life much more interesting, more fun, more real and more sexy, for sure!!

Oh, and I suspect it is the fast track to enlightenment!! 🙂

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