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Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal

Well I have been back in the good ole’ US of A for 2 months now, re-establishing my life in Aspen after 20 months in Australia.

What a journey that is now full circle, with a new heart for a new start! I hit the deck running and have already had a seminar in Aspen and found a magnificent corporate client, bought a car and my dream Mac computer system and am already planning a 3 week return visit to Australia in April/May to visit family and do 6 months of filming for a National TV show there as The Aspen Astrologer!

Wow, when it rains it pours!

Being back in America has been amazing. Seeing first hand what is happening, what is being said, is frightening, with the Bush people getting more and more unreal and insane in their pronouncements about the world and conclusions about it as well.

CNN today announced that 75-80% of the people of Europe, England and Canada (and I know you could add australia) consider America to be the greatest danger in the world today and that the Iraq war will only increase terrorism. Derrr. What shocks me is that only 50% of Americans see that and the Bushwackers clearly are blind to it.

Well, vote John Kerry. At this point I would vote for Blind Freddie…. anyone has to be a saner choice than Bush.

At the same time I am also seeing some seriously encouraging signs that the American people ARE waking up to the b.s. and madness they have been sleeping in. People are realizing that Bushwankers have demolished the healthiest economy America has had in 50 years by the end of the Clinton period, where Billions are being spent in Iraq while schools are being closed in America. Even my Republican friends (yes, I have them too!) are aghast when I tell them my heart surgery in Australia was “free” because Aussies pay 2% extra tax for a brilliant health service while the same treatment would have cost me a MILLION dollars in America…. even “conservatives” are waking to the fact that things are out of whack because of the Bushwackers.

Vote Kerry. Warn people what is really going on. you are being lied to. Bigtime.

– Tomas