Wednesday November 5, 2003

There is SO much going I am tempted to go into it all in great detail and yet…. a strong deep voice in me tells me that that is not the point – that it would just get you and I into more analysis and thinking – when what is the BIG Prize is to get above that and to just open to the big sky in life instead of looking at the detail on the ground. Rise up, be open, let your mind go, laugh at silly things, meditate on the color of your navel in another dimension, trick your mind into not thinking, and then open to the Wonder of life. Listen to your heart beating. Stop breathing and realize that Life IS Air. That’s all. That all those things that occupy you are not as important as the next breath! Oh, yeah, also… relax into it all… relax into knowing that Life is you, it embraces and breathes you, you do not have to DO anything, just BE.


Professional dancers return to Aspen to perform in ‘The Nutcracker’

Roaring Fork Valley natives Emily Ridings and Nikki Ferry have come full circle when it comes to dance. Both studied dance with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (ASFB) as kids, continued their training with other prominent schools, and now return this weekend, as ASFB presents “The Nutcracker” at Aspen District Theater.

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