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Wednesday June 18, 2003

Today the Moon is in Aquarius bringing us two days of emotional detachment where we feel out our need for more room, more space and more freedom, so it is great to also identify what is holding us back, blocking us or in other ways limiting us that now have to change. That also fits nicely into our overall energy of change, and as a bonus the Moon sits with the planet Neptune, opening us to more awareness of spiritual and psychic realms, of our dreams and visions. So I invite you today to take time out, relax (next to water if

you can) and listen to those quiet inner voices that will bring you much knowledge of where you are headed, and need to be headed. Open to whatever images and imaginings come to you and pay them great attention as they are an invaluable source of personal knowledge for you. The more you listen to these voices and pictures the stronger they get and the more information they will give you.

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