Wedge issues deflect from the real issues |

Wedge issues deflect from the real issues

Dear Editor:

I strongly urge all meat eaters to vote against any vegetarians running for office. If elected these animal rights advocates will limit our menu choices.

Did I get your attention? I hope so, because 37 years after Roe vs. Wade, my peers still viscerally recoil from “pro-life” believers. We still fear reproductive choice will be taken away.

Case in point is the Bennet vs. Buck contest. Because Democrats (Bennet/Salazar) failed to take on health care spending or even a public option and instead made me an indentured servant to my insurance company, I am mad. The pundits have drawn the message: If I vote Dem, I am happy. If I vote GOP, I am mad. But Bennet’s campaign to paint Buck as anti-feminist was changing my vote.

In their debate Bennet (D) came across as well-meaning and articulate. Buck (R) successfully explained the rape case used against him in campaign ads. Then Bennet hit Buck with “abortion.” I watched dumbstruck as Ken Buck unwaveringly stood by his politically “uncool” pro-life belief – Colorado is pro-choice – what is he thinking!

Later, listening to the NPR scandal and Juan Williams admit visceral fear made me realize I am doing the same. The country today is very different than two generations ago, when we struggled with “abortion rights.” Forty years ago, vegetarians were weird – now they have popular restaurants. We really are a country that actively embraces “choices.”

What l witnessed is Ken Buck’s steadfastness. The man quietly stating his uncool belief wasn’t a man who would be pressured by special interests or even his party. He really is a man who will act on his belief that the politically well-connected are harming regular folk and the U.S. economy.

Meat eaters, vegetarians, pro-choice, pro-lifers unite and send a clear message to Washington and Denver – quit trying to divide us with nonissues. The real issues are: You are selling us out to your campaign contributors and the special interests in your parties. The cost has stagnated our incomes, reduced our retirement funds, run up school debts on our kids and is destroying the U.S. economy.

Shellie Roy


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