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Web poll biased

Dear Editor:I hope The Aspen Times doesn’t kid itself that it presents unbiased news or conducts objective polls, because your readers certainly know better. Your poll question: “Should Aspen crack down on illegal immigrants or accept that they are a needed segment of the resort work force?” certainly fools no one. Instead of calling them by the accurate “illegal aliens,” you use the politically correct “illegal immigrants.” Clearly you choose to remain unaware of Title 8 US Code Section 1101 that defines an immigrant as an alien with a valid immigration visa.In addition, your inhumane term of “crack down” rather than “enforce current immigration laws” along with the politically biased “accept that they are needed … ” Needed by whom? Certainly not by me or my friends.Then your final attempt to poison the well, the newspiece titled “Employers say immigrants fill critical economic niche” is carefully placed adjacent to the poll question. Despite your biased and emotionally loaded language, your readers aren’t fooled – 79 percent chose the “crack down” option.If the “resort economy” needs illegal aliens to provide cheap labor, all costs should be paid by the resort corporations and their wealthy customers, not by taxpayers.Illegal immigration is nothing more than taxpayer-paid corporate welfare, and Americans are tired of footing the bill. We want it stopped, and we’ll continue our outrage to politicians until they listen. Sandra MillerPhoenix

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