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We wanted things to change

(This letter was originally addressed to the Aspen Valley Hospital Board.)

You may recall that not very long ago the board for the hospital was fairly extremely revamped.

One of the main reasons that the voters elected to change the board members was to route out activity that was inappropriate for patients and halt the “good old boy” attitude of the doctors that has been evident in the running of the hospital.

It is obvious that the doctors want to get rid of the midlevel practitioners, the only people who really care about and take care of us.

The board should be more concerned about patient care, rather than the income of the local OBY/GYN practices. Closing down the specialty care practices to more doctors is nothing short of violation of fair trade practices.

I urge you to reverse your decision on closing down specialty care and allow the Aspen Center for Women’s Health to continue its practice of true care of patients.

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Jan Raczak


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