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We still have power

Dear Editor:How perplexing, while showing brain deadness, that The Washington Post and Newsweek marry to spawn PostGlobal which down the road recently hired Aspen-based Denver Research Group to analyze global trends vis-a-vis U.S. foreign policy actions and the ebbs and flows of international relations by way of the intercourse of “(t)he six most powerful movers of global opinion … the U.S., China, Israel, Iran, Russia and Islamists …”Although this squirreled-away Aspen research firm has put forth one question on “who’s exercising [world] power,” only foreign policy jerks would claim the decline of American influence and forget the likes of David Rockefeller, the many Rockefeller dominated nongovernment organizations (NGO’s) and the slightly tattered Anglo-Saxon alliance of Great Britain, Canada, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand which flex their muscles worldwide.The “metropolitan countries” and their oligarchies still exercise neocolonialism which is the last stage of imperialism.Think about this: South African finance capitalists control 75 percent of all the finance capital throughout Africa. Present South African neocolonialism is beyond the ken of the ordinary and the illiteratti.As a parting point, “America’s 60 Families” and the American nouveau riche multibillionaires are not down for the count yet. And neither is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England.The Denver Research Group’s analysis seems to me to be the inept data interpretation of an Adelphi oracle to deceive and mislead the less informed suckers.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen