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We really need Pete

As you can imagine, I have been besieged with pressure from all sorts of different people to meet with Pete Luhn, ever since he promised to stop writing to the local papers if I showed my face to him.

I have to admit that, when I first read his letter, I was nearly in a full gallop on my way over to the Wienerstube with my expired driver’s license ready at hand to shut him up once and for all.

Then it occurred to me. I don’t really want Pete to quit writing to the paper.

As I have stated before, sometimes when I’m feeling a little down, it’s comforting to pick up a paper and see one of his letters. I’ll read it and suddenly feel smart again. Then, for a real boost, I’ll respond with my own letter. It’s good for my ego to have someone so unwitting and yet so eager to be made a jackass out of practically every week.

And I have to think of the townspeople. This game of monkey in the middle is available to everyone! Writing a letter to make a clown out of Pete is fun. And it’s easy, too!

Go ahead, act now, pick up a pen and give it a try. If you don’t feel like writing, just read a few lilies that Pete has written and soon you’ll be feeling like Einstein himself. It’s recommended for ages five and up.

So folks, calm down. We can’t be shortsighted about this. I know your gut reaction is to have me show up and have him shut up. It would be great to see Pete eat crow, but then the fun would be over … for good!

You see? That wouldn’t be so great after all. We have to think long-term here.

Now you understand why I can’t possibly show my face to Pete and ruin everything. We need him. Every village has to have one. I’m not going to be the citizen to silence ours.

P.S. Pete still isn’t the first one to ski Highland Bowl!

Todd Coghi


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