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We need more time

Dear Editor:Concerning the rebuilding and reconstruction of roof leaks in all the public schools within the Aspen public school system: Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J. (big money to public education statewide), once said, “Fix the roof when the sun is shining.”Recent pictures and editorials have pronounced that our public school buildings are in such disrepair that we are facing a catastrophic circumstance. We have also been led to believe that there could be a septic failure that may lead to peril. When did we get to this point of no return on the Aspen Elementary and Aspen Middle school buildings? We need the school budget to reflect these emergencies now even before the Nov. 1 election if the situation is so dire.Yes, Aspen Middle School is ready for a change. But why not place the current new building example plus two (or more) alternative architectural visions on display as models in the middle school office, giving visitors an opportunity to view and understand the different projects and offer suggestions before we accept a 50-year vision at a multimillion-dollar price tag?Fifty-year vision in less than 10 weeks? We need more time.M.K. GardenswartzAspen

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