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We need more details

Dear Editor:

Why is City Council asking for a vote about the Art Museum?

City Council tells us this is not a vote to sell the property but only to negotiate for a possible sale. City Council does NOT need voter approval to negotiate for a sale of public land. They only need approval for an actual sale of public land. So why are they asking this question now?

City Council should do the following: First, delete the question from the ballot. Secondly, negotiate for a sale with all the necessary provisions, including a public meeting room, free admission, annual local students show, reversion of ownership to city if use changes from an art museum, etc.

Finally after all the details of the proposed sale are known, including both appraisals and the price, put the question on the ballot.

Vote no on Question 1.

Make City Council do their job in a proper manner. One last thought. This City Council is not known for good judgment in real estate deals (BMC land purchase, Burlingame and others). We should not trust them to sell this property until all the details are final.

Don Davidson