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We need moderate thinkers

Dear Editor:The Schiavo case overrunning the media is frightening in so many ways that it’s hard to address them all. However, if “life is so precious” is true, then note these sickening, ironic inconsistencies:Thousands of Americans of every age die daily because they don’t have health insurance protection.Bush and Congress are cutting Medicare funding behind the Schiavo smokescreen that will further limit benefits to the most fragile, denying care and ultimately inviting death.Care facilities in Texas can (and now do) “pull the plug” on those critical care cases where the family cannot pay and – without family agreement – law by Bush. Bankruptcy laws changed – the percentage seeking medical bankruptcy is huge and protection for that is dramatically diluted now – tough for anyone caught in that vicious cycle. Nearly 1,600 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis are dead in a war fought to protect us from nonexistent WMDs. Both health benefits and pay have been cut for returning soldiers during this administration.One “precious” life versus all the “not so precious” destroyed lives.”Life is precious” is total crap coming from the mouths of this administration. The only “sanity” comes from moderate judges reminding us that the process has worked even if it hasn’t given the result that the social conservatives want. You must contact your representatives and demand that the administration’s drive for more socially conservative judges and for a socially conservative majority on the Supreme Court be stopped. We must maintain moderate thinkers on the judicial bench at all levels. Cheryl CainGlenwood Springs

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