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We need Base Village

Dear Editor:Did anyone here ski or board during last year’s holiday season at Snowmass? If you had, you would have seen why we need the new Snowmass Base Village layout. Have you seen parents and friends walking back and forth across Fanny Hill to the kids’ area at the two busiest times of the day, while people whiz by on skis and boards? Have you seen people trying to drop people off near the ski area in the traffic/parking nightmare? Have you taken three chair lifts to get to the top? Have you taken the time to see the miracles the ski pros pull off in the beginner area that is smaller than beginner terrain at a Midwestern ski slope?If we listen to people who don’t want change and we follow the way they think, Snowmass never would have been built. This land would all still be a ranch. Whether you like it or not, life is constant change. Nature is constant change and evolution.I can’t believe this statement I heard: “What do I want Base Village for, I’ll be dead when it is finished.” That way of thinking is self-centered and that person doesn’t care about the younger people making a living here and our future.I do not think a lot of people realize, without a successful ski area, there would be no Snowmass Village. With the new Base Village, Snowmass will be what I have always thought it could be. I support Base Village and I’m telling all of my friends to vote “yes” for Base Village!Jeff AshcraftSnowmass ski proSnowmass Village businessman