We need a Captain Bligh

Dear Editor: I read the guest column “The Erosion of American Government” (Aspen Times, July 17, 2011) by Chris Vecchiarello and believe that he has his finger on the problem. It brought to mind the story of William Bligh, the much maligned leader who saved the lives of his crew.

Bligh and his loyal crew of 14 were put out to sea with provisions for only a few days by mutineers who had lost sight of the mission of their voyage. The mutineers wanted to exchange the hard life at sea for the easy life on a tropical island. Without charts and having provisions for only a few days, they sailed 3,618 miles in 47 days in an open boat under Bligh’s leadership to find safety. The captain lost but one member of his crew and that was in battle with hostile natives.

Given the direction of our country today, I see the nation’s leaders not as Captain Blighs but rather as Fletcher Christians and his gang of mutineers. We as a nation are now in that 23-foot launch and our supplies are limited. We can continue on as we are now, aimlessly adrift, eating our dwindling provisions and drinking our limited stores of water. In time we will be faced with death by dehydration, starvation or even worse, cannibalism. What we need is a strong leader who is willing to lay out the truth and present a plan of sacrifice and survival.

We the people have a long history of commitment and sacrifice when there is credible and competent leadership. I believe that in this great population that is America; there is that honest and capable leader. Will that person please step up? And then, will we allow our modern-day Captain Bligh to lead?

Brad Lundgren



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