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We must enforce the laws we have

Dear Editor:

If you believe in a warm, cozy global community, where anyone who can sneak, slither or swim into your country is welcome, then you would have loved the “Reverse Migration” column by some clown from The Aspen Times last week (Dec. 29).

Like all open-border, bleeding-heart mentalities, this liberal bozo doesn’t worry about our children’s future. In fact, our recent election was a no-win situation for American sovereignty. The Republicans want more cheap labor and the Democrats want more votes. So, damn the American worker and homeland security, we have our political priorities.

When will our valley stop being a safe haven destination for any felon or terrorist with a “wanderlust” for America? How long will we endure the abuse and bankruptcy of our health care, education, welfare and prison systems? Does unemployment need to reach Great Depression levels before we realize there are no jobs Americans won’t do?

There are ways to help rid ourselves of this scourge. One is to replace elected officials who abet illegal immigration. Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallerio is on his way to spending a million taxpayer dollars defending his “right” to use Tasers to run his little gulag and therefore not housing any illegal felons for I.C.E. We need a new sheriff.

Another way is to stop giving to Catholic Charities. They not only use your donations, but also billions of federal moneys to promote the illegal invasion, in open defiance of our nation’s laws.

We must enforce the laws we have and vastly improve border security before any thought can be given to rewarding criminals with a “pathway to citizenship.” A T-shirt I own says it all: “No illegals, no compromise, no amnesty.”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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