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We must all be NIMBYs

Dear Editor:It was gratifying to see that a courageous investigative reporter discovered that some of the opposition to ballot question 2C were NIMBYs. Must have taken five minutes to find this out. My major disappointment is that the local gentlemen of the press aren’t digging into anything deeper. Why, for instance, does every bad development come to city council with glowing endorsements from P&Z and HPC? Could there be anything weird going on there? Are any members of these commissions using their positions for personal gain? Who knows, but surely it’s worthy of a little research. The problem is, however, that it would take a lot longer than five minutes, so it probably won’t happen.Another good one would be: Who funds Jeffrey Evans? This gentleman doesn’t even live in Aspen, and for 10 years he has been trying to destroy part of the community by shoving a straight shot four-lane down our throats. Rumor has it that a group of realtors feel that it would be easier to sell land downvalley by touting a straight shot to the Golden Goose. Or, maybe someone hopes to get a multi-million dollar early retirement package by building a garage under Wagner Park. Who knows, but probably worth a look?But I digress, why a NO vote on 2C? Simple. It is another example of the city just looking for ways to spend money. For 14 years the recycle center has worked well, plant a few trees and leave it alone. The next time you drive around town, really pay attention to what has happened. Wasn’t there a wonderful old building on that lot, where did it go? Weren’t there six wonderful old rental cabins on that lot, where did they go? Where did my favorite old lodge go? It just doesn’t end.Now, they want a large parking lot at ACES. (Where did that house go?) Even I, who loves to drive around, realize that you walk to the center for environmental studies. What are they thinking? For us to all survive this incredible stupidity and lack of leadership, we all have to become NIMBYS. This town is our backyard, and what you ignore now could be on your block tomorrow. A prediction: The new owners of the Jerome want to spend 41 million big ones remodeling it. Of course, it won’t be feasible unless they get to go up another story on the annex. This will come to council with glowing approval from our nonexisting P&Z and HPC. What do they really want? Try on a timeshare in the future. Who knows, but everybody better show up for this meeting. There must be a few sacred buildings left in town. Vote N0 on 2C, just to let them know you are out there, and that we can stick together.Whoops, I almost forgot, they want to rezone park land to do this. What’s next, imminent domain – to build a new town hall to house all the people they are hiring to make the developers happy?Leslie K. HolstAspen

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