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We have it good here

Dear Editor:

I hope that we who live in the Roaring Fork Valley realize how very fortunate we are to live here. We don’t have earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or major droughts. Forest fires have spared us, avalanches only occur in specific places that are very easy to avoid, and the winters are significantly milder than our brethren in the East and Midwest. Our summers are the best in the world.

The West Coast lives under the cloud of the invariability of a major earthquake plus mudslides and major forest fires.

Texas this year has had no rain but fires and major winds. Fire has consumed an area greater than the size of the state of Rhode Island.

The Mississippi has flooded the Midwest with the ironic quirk that whole areas of the Mississippi basin that are in a drought have been flooded out. New Orleans is threatened again.

The Gulf of Mexico has taken a beating that has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Tornadoes have leveled Missouri and Oklahoma towns – the most tornadoes in recorded American history. The Joplin tornadoes have taken more lives then any recorded tornado in U.S. history.

The East Coast has had snowstorms, which have exceeded recorded history this past winter and hurricane season is just starting.

I could go on and on about other parts of the world, but we live in a blessed part of the world. Whether you believe in a God, or a statue, or the tooth fairy, or none of the above, we are very lucky. So if you can afford a few bucks or can space some time to help, think about your fellow Americans.

Maybe we should bring all our American troops home from every part of the world, no exceptions, so that they can spend their money here in the USA. What a great stimulation program that would be.

Ted Bristol

Missouri Heights

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