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We don’t need letter writer’s business

Dear Editor:

With regard to the Johnson letter boycotting Basalt (“We’re boycotting Basalt,” Jan. 12, The Aspen Times): ahem, seriously? OK, fine, you spend 10 percent of the year here, read something you find disagreeable, and you make an enormously exaggerated (and may I say erroneous) determination. Great, it’s a free country, and you get to spend your time and money as you wish – you are “entitled.”

Meanwhile, I’m sure everything is just hunky-dory up there in Snowmass Village, maybe even more so in beautiful Aspen, where I’m certain everybody gets along perfectly. Perhaps the same can be said for Prescott, Ariz.

As for Basalt, hang in there! Let’s don’t close up shops and drift away because the Johnsons won’t be visiting. My family will be patronizing the grocery and food stores, buying all our fuel there and treating our guests to our excellent restaurants. It ought to be a wash.

Rich Wontor


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