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We deserve an answer

Dear Editor:

Aspen police officer Jim Crowley has dedicated 18 years of his life to the Aspen Police Department and the safety of Aspen citizens and visitors. Officer Crowley has not only solved more crimes than anyone on the force but helped more people who needed drug/alcohol treatment into treatment than he ever got sentenced to jail.

So I’m confused. Why again was Officer Crowley fired? I think the public deserves an answer. Was he fired for a hangover? Fired? Jeez ” the entire Chicago police force would be fired within 24 hours! And what happened to actions like probation, suspension, leave of absence?

Why did the assistant police chief (Bill Linn) feel it was his duty to have Officer Crowley arrested? Why did this same assistant police chief feel it was also his “official duty” to run to the local newspapers with this accusation within minutes of the arrest? Is the normal protocol minutes after all arrests with the Aspen Police Department? If so, then I guess the police department must be very busy running news stories over to the papers on an hourly basis.

Aspen has not only lost one of the most intelligent, faithful and dedicated public servants we ever had, but one of the few police officers left who had a clue.

Jeannie Carter

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